IS 197E :: Introduction to College I
Summer 2014 @Kapiolani CC

CRN: 35058, 35059
Credit Hours: 1
Instructor: Guy Kellogg
(808) 734-9368 (Ph)
(808) 734-9151 (Fax)
Instructional Mode: Online
Dates: 05/27/2014 - 08/01/2014
Course Restrictions: Students who enroll in IS 197E (CRN 35058) must also enroll in ESOL 197B (CRN 35056) and ESOL 197C (CRN 35057). Students who withdraw from IS 197E (CRN 35058) must also withdraw from ESOL 197B (CRN 35056 ) and ESOL 197C (CRN 35057).
Course Description: ESOL 197B, ESOL 197C and IS 197E are part of the Intensive Program in English for Speakers of Other Languages, serving International Students.
Additional Notes: For additional information contact the instructor, Guy Kellogg,
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