HIST 459 :: Europe Since 1945
Summer 2014 @UH West Oahu

65089 (DH, WI)
Credit Hours:
A. Rosenfeld
Instructional Mode:
Instructional Mode:
05/27/2014 - 07/03/2014
Course Restrictions:
WI courses are restricted to 20 students as established by the UH system Writing Intensive Committee.
Course Requirements:
This is on online class, and will use Laulima.
Course Prerequisites:
Pre: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in ENG 200.
Course Description:
This upper-division seminar will examine the major events and developments of postwar, Cold War, and contemporary Europe. Through a combination of mini-lectures and class discussions, we will explore a variety of historical problems, issues of interpretation, and historical scholarship on the period, with an emphasis on developing skills in critical thinking and understanding the origins of the challenges Europe and the world grapple with today. Topics include postwar reconstruction, decolonization, Stalinism and the Cold War, 1960s/70s radicalism, changing gender relations, and the influx of immigrants of non-European origin, who have helped to dramatically transform European national identities and popular culture.
Books may be purchased at the West Oahu bookstore or ordered online at http://www.bookstore.hawaii.edu/westoahu.
Technical Requirements:
Access the class through https://laulima.hawaii.edu. Use your UH username and password to login. Computer requirements for online courses and Laulima tutorials are available at http://www.uhwo.hawaii.edu/academics/distance-learning/online-student-tutorials/
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