ICS 100 :: Computing Literacy and Applications
Fall 2014 @Windward CC

62022 / 62023
Credit Hours:
David Maxson
Instructional Mode:
Instructional Mode:
08/25/2014 - 12/19/2014
Course Prerequisites:
Recommended Preparation: Credit in both ENG 22 or ENG 23 and MATH 22 or higher. These are not required but are recommended.
Course Description:
This course is an introductory survey of computers and their role in the information world emphasizing computer terminology, hardware and software. Opportunities for "hands-on" experience using applications software may include spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, communications and databases. We will be using Microsoft Office 2013 for this class. It is possible that other versions of Office such as Office 2010 or Office 2011 may not have all of the functions that Office 2013 has.
We will be using an online simulation program called Simnet for most lessons. A copy of the textbook is included with the Simnet package. Access to Simnet can be purchased through the WCC bookstore or at the Simnet site. When purchasing access at the Simnet site make sure you purchase Simnet for Office 2013 - Nordell Simbook - InPractice version.
Technical Requirements:
A Windows based computer running Office 2013. You will be able to complete some tasks using a Mac with Office 2011 or a Windows computer with Office 2010, but not all tasks.
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