ED 290 :: Foundations of Education
Fall 2014 @Kapiolani CC

CRN: 31887
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Veronica F Ogata
(808) 734-9833 (Ph)
(808) 734-9151 (Fax)
Course URL: https://laulima.hawaii.edu
Instructional Mode: Online
Dates: 08/25/2014 - 12/19/2014
Course Prerequisites: Prerequisite(s):
Qualification for ENG 100; qualification for MATH 24 or higher.
Course Description: ED 290 introduces students to the teaching profession and the interrelated historical, philosophical, legal, financial, and sociocultural contexts of American education. The rights of students and teachers, professional and ethical considerations, and how to establish equal educational opportunities for all learners will be addressed. Social, family, cultural, gender, and other related influences on student learning and achievement will be examined. Contemporary issues impacting the foundation of the educational system will be investigated. Students develop and implement appropriate environments, curriculum, and instructional and technological approaches with diverse learners in the classroom. Education in the U.S. and other countries will be researched and the commonalities and differences will be analyzed. Current and future perspectives of the teaching profession and the field of education will be considered.
Textbooks: http://www.bookstore.hawaii.edu/uhkcc/SelectTermDept.aspx
Technical Requirements: http://www.hawaii.edu/dl/onlinelearning

Minimum Computer Hardware/Software Requirements:
Additional Notes: This ED 290 section (CRN 31887) is conducted on the Internet. Students must have access to a computer with Internet connection.

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