ANTH 200 :: Cultural Anthropology
Fall 2018 @Leeward CC

Credit Hours:
Weirong Cai
(808) 455-0306 (Ph)
Instructional Mode:
Instructional Mode:
08/20/2018 - 12/14/2018
Course Requirements:
*Students will be contacted by their instructor by UH email before the first day of instruction. Students must check their UH email for course correspondence before the first day of instruction.
Course Prerequisites:
ENG 22 or ENG 24 with a grade of C or better or equivalent.
Course Description:
A survey of cultural anthropology designed to provide an understanding of the concept of culture, the principles of field methodology, cultural diversity, some of the factors underlying this diversity and the universal aspects of culture. Aims at assisting the student to view objectively his/her own as well as other cultures. Additional topics include: the history and theory of cultural anthropology; culture and personality; processes of cultural change; and applied anthropology
Introductory Cultural Anthropology: An Interactive Approach, 2nd ed., Authors: Cormier & Jones, Publisher: National Social Science Press, ISBN: 9781936306893
This is an eBook. Students can purchase the book (a CD with information for individual eBook account) at Leeward CC bookstore Students may order from the publisher at Having purchased the eBook from either Leeward CC bookstore or the publisher, students may also request a printed copy from the publisher at no additional cost.
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