ED 282L :: Collaboration and Teaming Lab
Spring 2019 @Leeward CC

Credit Hours:
D Castro
Instructional Mode:
Instructional Mode:
01/02/2019 - 05/14/2019
Course Prerequisites:
ED 282 must have been completed or concurrently enrolled for Laboratory.

Rec. Prep: ENG 22 or ENG 24 with a grade of C or better; or equivalent; or placement in ENG 100; or consent of instructor.
Course Description:
Collaboration and Teaming is designed to provide students
with knowledge of collaborative and co-teaching models of
instruction and to prepare them to implement these models
in their schools and classrooms. While co-teaching can
be a rewarding experience for students and professionals,
understanding its elements and foundations is critical
in creating a positive learning environment for students.
Co-teaching requires not only pedagogical skill on the
part of the participating teachers, but also a willingness
to share and collaborate in the teaching of all students in
special education and inclusion classrooms. This course is
consistent with state and local educational goals including
the focus on activities that participants will apply to realworld
settings. (Previously taught as ED 298L.)
Tuesday, October 30, 2018 12:35:03