GG 101 :: Intro to Geology
Spring 2012 @Honolulu CC

Credit Hours:
Gazdar Nasire
845-9846 (Ph)
845-2679 (Fax)
Instructional Mode:
Instructional Mode:
01/09/2012 - 05/11/2012
Course Requirements:
Before the first day of instruction, email your instructor that you have registered for the course. The starting point for the class is

Course Description:
The study of Earth, the natural physical environment, landscape, rocks and minerals, rivers oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes, plate tectonics and other internal processes; the effects of human actions on Plant Earth.
Books may be purchased at the Honolulu CC bookstore or ordered online at If you do not have access to the Internet or unable to travel to the bookstore, you may also order by phone at 1-800-UHBOOKS

Technical Requirements:
The Internet allows students to take a course at home using a personal computer. Familiarity with using a computer and basic Internet skills (browsing, sending e-mail, saving/sending files) is required. Students must have a computer with Internet access. Depending on the online course, students may be required to log in at a specific day and time or at anytime. Students taking an online course should always contact their instructor after registration or prior to the first day of class to get detailed information regarding the course.

Minium Computer Hardware/Software Requirements: info-stu.html

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