BUS 201 :: Microsoft Office Advanced
Fall 2012 @Leeward CC

CRN: 52277, 52278
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: TBA
Instructional Mode: Online
Dates: 08/20/2012 - 12/06/2012
Course Prerequisites: Prerequisite: BUS 101, ICS 100, or ICS 101 with a grade of C or better, or completion with a grade of C or better or concurrent enrollment in
BUSN 123 and BUSN 131 and BUSN 137, or equivalent, or instructor approval.
Recommended Preparation: BUSN 121 or equivalent.
Course Description: Continuation of applications introduced in BUS 101. Advanced applications include advanced word processing, advanced spreadsheet applications, advanced database applications, integration of applications, and creation of a web site. Students will be expected tocommunicate via email and use Microsoft Outlook®. Fulfills the computer competency course requirement for the UH Mānoa College of Business Administration.
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