ACC 201 :: Elementary Accounting I
Spring 2013 @Hawaii CC

CRN: 18612 (E.HI), 18613 (W.HI), 18614 (DE)
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Joel Peralto
934-2557 (Ph)
974-7755 (Fax)
Course URL:
Instructional Mode: Online
Dates: 01/07/2013 - 05/09/2013
Course Prerequisites: PreReq: “C” or better in Eng 21 or “C” or better in Eng 22 or “C” or better in ESL 15 or placement in Eng 100 or placement in Eng 102
Course Description: An introduction to accounting theory including the functions of financial accounting and the uses and limitations of accounting information.
Students will be introduced to various accounting topics relating to how financial accounting information is recorded, classified and summarized. Whenever possible, real world applications will be illustrated to give the student an understanding of how the topics relate to everyday use.
Textbooks: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, 3rd edition, Custom Publication Packaged with Connect Plus, Chapters 1-13 (REQUIRED)
by: Phillips/Libby
Publisher: McGraw Hill
package ISBN: 978-0-07-751819-6
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