AG 175 :: Agroforestry
Fall 2013 @Hawaii CC

15015 (E. HI)
Credit Hours:
Pamela Scheffler
934-2622 (Ph)
934-2621 (Fax)
Instructional Mode:
Instructional Mode:
08/26/2013 - 12/16/2013
8:00am- 10:45am
Origination Site: HawCC
Receive Sites: West Hawaii
Course Prerequisites:
PreReq:“C” or better in Eng 21 or “C” or better in Eng 22 or placement in Eng 100 or placement in Eng 102; and “C” or better in Math 25 or “C” or better in Math 26 or placement in Math 120
CoReq: Ag 175L
Course Description:
Designed for students in Forest TEAM and related careers. Methods of designing mixed forestry and agricultural systems combining long term tree crops with understory plants. Topics include choosing the combination of trees and understory plants for growth characteristics, climate zone, substrate, slope and economic goals; planting methods using nitrogen fixing plants and mulch crops to build a healthy soil ecosystem; methods of reducing soil erosion; incorporating native plants and medicinal plants; plant propagation; and use of shade and mulch to reduce weed problems.
1) Agroforestry Guides for Pacific Islands (REQUIRED)
By: Elevitch and Wilkinson
Publisher: Permanent Agriculture Resources, Holualoa
ISBN: 0-97025440-7

2) The Overstory Book: Cultivating Connections with Trees, 2nd edition (REQUIRED)
By: Craig R. Elevitch
Publisher: Permanent Agriculture Resources
ISBN-10: 090254431
ISBN-13: 978-0970254436

Technical Requirements:
This interactive video (ITV) course is delivered using a videoconferencing system. It allows students to attend the course on a SPECIFIC DAY/TIME and CAMPUS other than the campus where the instructor originates the course. Therefore, distance learners must attend each class session at the SPECIFIC DAY/TIME and SPECIFIC LOCATION.

Online Enhancement
It is recommended that students also have an email address and access to a computer with Internet connection for “outside class” communication with instructor and classmates.
Additional Notes:
15016 (W. HI) was cancelled due to zero enrollment.
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 12:56:02