BIOL 141 :: Human Anatomy and Physiology I (sec 2)
Summer 2013 @Hawaii CC

CRN: 19326 (E. HI), 19327 (W. HI), 19328 (DE)
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Jenni Rygh
(808) 934-2786 (Ph)
(808) 974-7757 (Fax)
Course URL:
Instructional Mode: Online
Dates: 05/28/2013 - 07/05/2013
Course Prerequisites: CoReq: Biol 141L
Recommended: High school or college chemistry with lab; Microbiology preferred
Course Description: Structure and function of the human body, including basic biochemistry, cells, and tissues. Includes detailed coverage of the integumentary,
skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
Textbooks: Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology, 9th edition with Mastering A & P software (REQUIRED)
by: Martini
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 978-0-321-73745-8

Hard copies may be ordered through the UH bookstore. Electronic copies of the text can be downloaded through Laulima.
Additional Notes: Students should log into and log in with their UH username and password on or 1-2 days before the first day of class and begin.
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