ED 295A :: Practicum I: Alternative Certification for CTE Teacher Licensure
Spring 2014 @Leeward CC

CRN: 53190
Credit Hours: 1
Instructor: Jeffrey Judd
455-0434 (Ph)
Instructional Mode: Online
Dates: 01/13/2014 - 05/16/2014
Course Prerequisites: Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Alternative Certification for CTE Teacher
Licensure program. Requirements for admission: Praxis I with a passing score,
Minimum of an Associate Degree, Minimum of 3 years industry experience.
Course Description: The Alternative Certification for Career and Technical Education
(CTE) teacher licensure program will prepare candidates who
have content knowledge with the pedagogy necessary to become
effective practitioners in CTE classrooms at the secondary level.
A critical component of the program is the supervised practicum
where knowledge of content and strategies for best teaching practice
will be integrated and polished. Through extensive mentoring
and performance evaluations completed by program faculty, CTE
teacher candidates will be well prepared to meet the high standards
for licensure and practice. Practicum I will provide mentoring for
the CTE candidate as they intern in their own CTE high school
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