ZOOL 141L :: Human Anatomy/Physiology I- LAB
Spring 2014 @Kapiolani CC

CRN: 34805, 34807, 34808
Credit Hours: 1
Instructor: JOHN UNO
734-9264 (Ph)
734-9151 (Fax)
Instructional Mode: Online
Dates: 01/13/2014 - 05/16/2014
Schedule Notes: These ZOOL 141L lab class are conducted on the Internet and at the Kapiolani CC campus, with exams taken at community college testing centers, and independent-study physiology labs performed at the Kapiolani CC campus.
Course Requirements: STUDENTS ARE
Course Prerequisites: Prerequisite(s):
Credit or concurrent enrollment in ZOOL 141.

Recommended Preparation:
CHEM 100 or higher level chemistry or biochemistry; 100 level or higher course in biology or zoology.
Course Description: ZOOL 141L, Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I, is a basic lab course in the structure and function of the human body which includes a study and experimentation regarding embryology, gross anatomy, microanatomy, physiology, pathology, and homeostatic relationships with regards to the following
areas: body orientation, chemical level, cellular level, tissue level, integumentary, bone tissue, skeletal, joints, muscular tissue, muscular system, nervous tissue, spinal cord & nerves, brain, cranial nerves, neural integration and special senses.
Textbooks: Books may be purchased at the Kapiolani CC bookstore or ordered online at http://www.bookstore.hawaii.edu/uhkcc/home.aspx. If you do not have access to the Internet or unable to travel to the bookstore, you may also order by phone at 1-800-UHBOOKS
Technical Requirements: Students must have dependable computer and Internet access; Firefox, Java, wordprocessing skills, UH e-mail access; up/downloading skills.

The Internet allows students to take a course at home using a personal computer. Familiarity with using a computer and basic Internet skills (browsing, sending e-mail, saving/sending files) is required. Students must have a computer with Internet access. Depending on the online course, students may be required to log in at a specific day and time or at anytime. Students taking an online course should always contact their instructor after registration or prior to the first day of class to get detailed information regarding the course.

Minimum Computer Hardware/Software Requirements:

Laulima Help
Additional Notes: These ZOOL 141 lab sections (CRNs 34805, 34807, 34808) are conducted on the Internet.

Students must have computer access with CD drive; Firefox or Internet Explorer (Safari is not recommended), Java, wordprocessing skills, UH email access; up/downloading skills.

Please be aware that the instructor does not overload and does not have a waiting list.

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