High Tech Hawai'i
Tuesday, April 22, 2003
8:00-9:00 p.m.

High Tech Approaches to Teaching Languages
Keola Donaghy, UH Hilo College of Hawaiian Language
Stephen Fleming, UH Manoa National Foreign Language Resource Center
Renee Takahashi, Net Teacher USA
David Lassner, Chief Information Officer, University of Hawai'i

Hawai'i has developed excellence in the teaching of languages driven by our location in the middle of the Pacific, our unparalleled cultural diversity, and the resurgence of interest in and commitment to our Hawaiian host language and culture. This excellence extends to embracing the use of information technologies to teaching languages. When applied well, technologies can not only extend access to instructional opportunities that may not be available in person, but can also provide high-quality educational experiences that are not feasible in traditional classroom environments.

Join host David Lassner of the University of Hawai'i as he talks with three of Hawaii's pioneers in the use of technology for teaching languages. Keola Donaghy of the UH Hilo College of Hawaiian Language has been a leader in adapting information technologies for use in Hawaiian language immersion programs as well as for university-level courses in Hawaiian. He is responsible for the work that has led to the capability for Macintosh computers to operate in Hawaiian. Renee Takahashi is a DOE Teacher and entrepreneur who founded Net Teacher USA, a Hawai'i company that teaches English in Japan from Hawaii via the Internet. And Stephen Fleming of the UH-Manoa National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC) has been advancing the use of synchronous and asynchronous technologies in language teaching, especially Chinese, for a decade. You can expect a lively and informative discussion about the opportunities to improve language instruction and extend access to learning with technology, as well as the challenges educational institutions face in delivering on this potential.

During the live airing of the program, questions may be called in to 956-5670 or 1-800-342-7949 (neighbor islands), or sent by email to hth@hawaii.edu.

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Now in its 6th year of production, previous High Tech Hawaii shows have highlighted topics such as Kids & Networking, IT in the Travel Industry, the Hawaii-China connection, computer security, IT education and training, data centers in Hawaii, wireless, telecom regulation, electronic commerce, telemedicine, distance learning, assistive technologies for the disabled and the Pacific Telecommunications Council.

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