High Tech Hawai'i
High Tech Hawaii is a live monthly call-in show produced by the University of Hawaii to shed light on high technology activities within the state. It airs live on the fourth Tuesday of each month during the academic year from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. High Tech Hawaii can be seen on PEG Access cable channel 55 throughout the state. It is live on cable on all islands except Maui where it is tape-delayed. A live webcast is available anywhere on the Internet at: <http://www.hawaii.edu/hth/>.

Now in its 11th year of production, previous High Tech Hawaii shows have highlighted topics such as: Computer and Network Security, the UH Academy for Creative Media, Spam, the Natural Energy Lab of Hawaii, Identity Theft, Kakaako as a High Tech Hub for Hawaii, High Tech Approaches to Teaching Languages, Kids & Networking, IT in the Travel Industry, the Hawaii-China connection, IT education and training, Data Centers in Hawaii, Wireless, Telecom Regulation, Electronic Commerce, Telemedicine, Distance Learning, Assistive Technologies for the Disabled and the Pacific Telecommunications Council.

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