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Certifying your videoconference for MCU Service

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Certifying Your Videoconference Endpoint for MCU Service

The certification process attempts to validate that the Endpoint, i.e. videoconference device and related audio-visual equipment, and associated network connectivity are all compatible with the MCU Service, and, establishes that the requested configuration works properly AT THAT POINT IN TIME.

Prior to the certification test, the Endpoint Technical Contact will be provided with the

  1. Unique E.164 number (for UH sites only) that will identify this Endpoint
  2. ITS MCU Gatekeeper IP address
  3. Conference ID for the certification test.

The certification test session places the Endpoint, along with all of its associated equipment and network connections, in an actual MCU Service videoconference session to identify any compatibility and connectivity issues.

Since there are many variables that may affect the functioning and quality of the videoconference experience at a particular Endpoint or in a particular conference session, successful certification does NOT guarantee that all future MCU Service videoconferences will proceed problem-free. It is useful in identifying obvious compatibility and connectivity issues in advance of any “real” videoconference so that these may be addressed in advance, and without impacting a scheduled videoconference session.

It is incumbent on the Endpoint Technical Contact to actively monitor the use of the Endpoint and related equipment to help ensure that the videoconference sessions function as expected. Critical variables such as Endpoint settings, changes in network configuration or connectivity, and the configuration and management of other Endpoints in a videoconference may all have significant impact on the perceived quality of a videoconference session.

To schedule an Endpoint certification, please fill out the Endpoint Certification Request Form.

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