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Production Forms

*Requires Adobe Reader. You may download Adobe Reader here

Talent Release Form

People appearing in videos, photos, or on audio recordings produced by the University of Hawai'i may need to complete this form in order to grant the University the rights and permissions to use those images or recordings. It is best to have these forms signed prior to the shoot.

Location Release Form

At times you may need to obtain written permission to videotape on premises other than the University of Hawai'i campus, this usually includes places of business and private properties.  Permissions need to be obtained before any recordings can proceed.

Basic EDL (Edit Decision List) Form

An edit decision list or EDL is a written record or list of all the reels, recorded scenes, and timecode data that you would like to have included in the final video edit.  The EDL tells the editor what shots (video clips and how long the clips last) should be included in the edit and in what sequence they are to appear.

Copyright Information

Want to include a clip from a movie or television program into your video?  Chances are that you may run into copyright infringement issues.  Oftentimes a movie or program you purchased may only allow you to view the program only at home, not in a classroom or presentation setting.  This also applies to programming you may have recorded from a television broadcast or video clips found online.

For more information, please refer to the Copyright, Fair Use, and TEACH Act (via Leeward Community College)



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