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Video Production

Video production is an involved process which includes not only the actual videotaping of an event but also the planning and coordination that leads up to the videotaping, as well as the editing or post-production to create the final video or product.  Our Video Productions Services team will work with you during the entire video productions process in order to ensure a successful production and end-product.


The first phase of a successful production is pre-production (planning and coordination). This is where you identify and present your goals for the video (i.e. the key message of the video, target audience, delivery method). This is typically a two-way process between the client and the production team where the production team can give feedback and make suggestions on how to follow through with the client's ideas technically. Pre-production planning is essential as any information garnered from this stage will directly affect the end result.

Pre-production includes, but is not limited to:

Desired elements for your project should be identified and presented at this stage. Will you require photographs, music, reference video clips, or graphics to be included in your project? If so you will need to obtain a copyright clearance to use the elements you have chosen. Talent and location release forms may also be required.


The production phase is the acquisition and creation of all of the elements that will be included in the final program, anything that will be seen or heard. These elements, or media assets, may include such items as video footage, music, narration, sound effects, graphics, and photography.

Our video production team is able to provide:

Post Production

The post-production phase includes the editing of the video footage and all other media assets acquired during the production phase in order to create the final media product.  Audio tracks, graphic elements such as titles, backgrounds, credits, and a dynamic opening and closing sequence are also created during this phase.  Once all of the editing is complete, the video is then exported to the client's desired final format which may be on videotape, DVD, the web, or for broadcast television.

We offer the following post-production services:

An Edit Decision List, or EDL, may be required for the editing process. For your convenience, a basic EDL form is available for download here for use on your project.


Webcasting is the streaming of audio/video over the internet.  The advantage of this is that people who may not be able to attend an event may still watch it via the internet stream.

We offer live and archival streaming of audio/video.  Archival streaming is available on our servers for up to one year only.

Video Conferencing

For video conferencing services, please refer to this page.



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