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A. Adding students to a course can be done in a variety of ways, through self registration from either your course listing or Welcome page, adding a single student, importing a class list, or by importing existing Global IDs.

Single Students (non self registration process):
1. From the Home page, click on Manage Course, located on the side bar under the header for "Control Panel Viewable to Designers", the screen should look similar to the one below.

Chat Image
2. Click on the hyperlink for Add students, under the Manage Students column.

Chat Image

3. The Add Students screen appears. Type in required information and click the Add button. You will be taken to your Manage Students database.

To add another student, click on the text link for Manage Course, located at the top of the screen in the WebCT's Breadcrumbs, then select the link for Add Students again OR use the pulldown menu and select to "Add Students".

Continue this process till all students have been added to your course.

The User ID and Initial password will need to be sent to each student for them to successfully add this course to their myWebCT accounts (password protected folder containing all WebCT courses the student will take) for access.



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