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A. Quizzes and Surveys are made available to assess knowledge, understanding, and retention of course materials. Depending upon how your instructor has set up a quiz or survey your accessibility will be different.

1. To take a quiz or a survey, click the Quiz tool icon or text link on your Homepage, Organizer page, or Navigation Bar. The Quizzes and Surveys screen appears.

Note: if a quiz is not available, or has already been taken the maximum number of times, the title will not be hyperlinked (it will be black). Availability confirms the time period in which the quiz may be accessed. Duration indicates that you have this amount of time to complete the quiz. If there is no information displayed in this column, then you have unlimited time.

Grade will show the grade you received for the quiz. For example, 90/100 indicates that you received 90 out of 100 points. Attempts column displays the number of times you have attempted the quiz, and the number of attempts remaining. Once an attempt has been marked and it's grade released, text for Completed becomes a link allowing you to re-enter into the quiz to view feedback and scores.

Quiz Image

2. To enter a quiz, under Title, click the hyperlinked name of the quiz or survey that you want to take. The Quiz (or Survey) Introduction screen appears, view the below screen shot. Follow the instructions in the Introduction, and click Begin Quiz.

Quiz Image

3. Click Save answer for each question that you have supplied an answer to. Once you complete a quiz or survey, click Finish to submit it.

Quiz Image

4. After your quiz is submitted, at the next screen click the "View Results" button for WebCT to begin the grading process. If the instructor has set the quiz to release scores once it was submitted, this action will bring up your submitted quiz with each answer scored.

If not, come back to this area at a later time, under the header for "Attempts" click on the link for "completed", and click link for number in the "No." column.



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