Videoconference Coordination
Planning Your Deparment's Videoconference Endpoint

MCU Endpoint Certification Form


Endpoint Certification Form

If your University of Hawaii department has H.323 videoconferencing facilities and would like to be registered with the ITS MCU, please fill out the following information. Once your form is received, ITS will contact you to set up a connectivity test. Upon successful connection to your device you will be registered with the ITS MCU and placed in our online directory.


Requestor Information

Name of Requestor:

Phone Number:

FAX Number:

E-mail Address:

Department Information

What is the name of your department?

Campus/Education Center


H.323 Videoconferencing and Room Use Information

Who is the technical contact person for your videoconferencing services?

Phone Number:

FAX Number:

E-mail Address :

Who schedules the room(s) for your videoconferences?

Phone Number:

FAX Number:

E-mail Address:

Where is your room(s) located?

What is the phone number for your videoconference room(s)?

What is the capacity of your room(s)?

What type of videoconferencing equipment do you have?

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Type
  • Software Version (optional)

What is the IP Address or Dial-up Number for your videoconferencing equipment?



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