Videoconference Coordination
Planning Your Department's Videoconference Endpoint

Videoconference Coordination

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Getting Started

Scheduling a Point-to-Point Videoconference

Scheduling a Multipoint Videoconference

Videoconference Tips

Coordinating a point-to-point videoconference

Step 1: Determine possible videoconference endpoints
  • If you are planning a videoconference within the UH system, please use the UH H.323 Directory for available endpoints. Get in touch with the Endpoint Room/Technical Contact person and verify whether their videoconference room is available. Be aware that some departments may have videoconference capabilities, but may only be available to internal department requests.
  • If you are planning a videoconference with an H.323 UH endpoint and an external site, contact the external site's Endpoint Room/Technical Contact person and verify whether they have H.323 (IP-video) videoconference equipment and capabilities. Most UH departments have H.323 videoconferencing capabilities and it would be best to find an external site with the same protocol.
Step 2: Reserve videoconference endpoints
  • Each endpoint may have a certain procedure to reserve their videoconference rooms and support. Please be sure to inquire with the Room/Technical Contact person. [We recommend reserving the room 15 minutes prior to the start time of your meeting. This will allow the technical contact person time to establish the connection to the other endpoint and instruct you on how to use the videoconference equipment]

Connectivity Test: In most cases the Endpoint Technical Contact Person at each location may want to do a connectivity test before accepting your room reservations. Please be sure to gather the following technical information and provide to each Endpoint Technical Contact Person:

o Technical Contact Person Information (Name, Phone, Email, FAX)
o H.323 IP Address
o Telephone number in videoconference room

Step 3: Modification to your Point-to-Point request
  • Once the videoconference is scheduled at each location, please be sure to keep each Endpoint Room/Technical Contact Person informed of any changes to your videoconference (e.g. cancellation, change of site location, change of start time or end time, change of date, etc.)

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