Videoconference Coordination
Planning Your Department's Videoconference Endpoint


H.323 videoconferencing is an Internet-based service on the UHNET and the primary videoconferencing protocol supported by the University of Hawaii. Most University of Hawaii H.323 sites use Polycom or similar videoconferencing appliances.

Point-to-Point videoconferences connect two sites to each other. To conduct a multipoint videoconference (a total of three or more sites), you must use a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU). ITS provides an MCU service for the University community to conduct meetings and to support other small group activities and collaborations.

The UH ITS videoconferencing infrastructure is configured to provide seamless interconnectivity with emerging higher education and research videoconferencing architecture known as the Internet 2 Commons or VIDeNet (dialing plan) running over Internet2.

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