Videoconference Coordination
Planning Your Department's Videoconference Endpoint

MCU Service

Table of Contents


Scheduling the MCU Service

MCU Request Confirmation

Modifying MCU Reservation

MCU Endpoint Certification

MCU Endpoint Registration (UH Endpoints)

Technical Information on the Day of Conference


Modifying MCU Request

Once the MCU Service has been scheduled, any changes to the request must originate from the original Requestor, i.e. the UH faculty or staff person that initiated the MCU Service request.

It is the Requestor’s responsibility to adhere to the Scheduling Processes Steps 1 and 2 before submitting the modification of the MCU Service request to ITS (via e-mail to

Some modifications may generate a NEW Conference ID. Please note that this has been a source of confusion in past events. If a new Conference ID is created, this new Conference ID REPLACES the prior one issued in the initial confirmation. It is recommended that the video conference participants be given the new Conference ID in case they need to dial-in to the video conference.

Due to the requirements of the MCU Service and to help ensure the level of service quality for all participants, late or incomplete requests may not be accepted by ITS.

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