Videoconference Coordination
Planning Your Department's Videoconference Endpoint

MCU Service

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Scheduling the MCU Service

MCU Request Confirmation

Modifying MCU Reservation

MCU Endpoint Certification

MCU Endpoint Registration (UH Endpoints)

Technical Information on the Day of Conference


Technical Set-up on the Day of the Conference

On the day of the videoconference, it is critical that each Endpoint Technical Contact confirm that their Endpoint, including related equipment, is in proper working order, and that their Endpoint is properly configured with the correct settings:

  • Speed: 384Kbps
  • Gatekeeper:
  • H.323 E.164 Number
    • <enter the E.164 number assigned by ITS; note that the E.164 number may appear in several places in your video conference device setup>

At the designated time, i.e. the Initiation Start Time, Endpoint Technical Contacts should connect to the MCU Service videoconference session using the Conference ID provided in the latest e-mail confirmation notice specific to the video conference. The e-mail notification also includes the necessary troubleshooting contact information.

The Requestor and conference attendees should arrive about 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the video conference. It is recommended that the Requestor take roll call to determine who has joined the videoconference.

The videoconference will terminate on time, based on the scheduled length of the video conference.

In Case of Problems During a VideoConference

If problems occur during a video conference, such as loss of video or audio, participants should immediately contact the Endpoint Technical Contact to diagnose and remedy the problem. Endpoint Technical Contacts will typically be able to remedy a range of minor problems associated with the equipment or connections at individual locations without substantial loss of time.

If the Endpoint has been disconnected from the MCU Service (usually with a message to that effect on the monitor), the Endpoint may simply need to re-dial into the MCU Service using the correct Conference ID. Problems may be escalated to ITS by calling the trouble-shooting number provided on the MCU Service confirmation notice.

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