Johnny Suzuki



During rounds, you discuss Johnny’s case with Dr. I.  You wonder why he has been non compliant…he is not in denial, and his mother has been very supportive at all of the continuity clinic appointments.  Dr. I explains that illness is a complex interchange between community and culture, and asks you questions on Johnny’s community and culture.  You are able to tell her that the major supports to Johnny is at the mezzo (family) level; however you are unsure of what macro (community) resources are available to Johnny.


 Dr. I asks “have you performed a community windshield assessment?”  You reply no, and ask her to explain.


Dr I tells you that a community windshield assessment is a tool that public health professionals have been using for years to gain an understanding of the community’s health and strengths.  It is an active assessment, usually done partly on foot to meet and gain the trust of community members, and by car to get an overall assessment of major services in the community.  She believes it may help you with the question on why no one came to pick up Johnny’s medication, and assigns you to do an assessment of the Waipuna Community.


Begin the Community Windshield Assessment


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