Chinese Certificate


Five of the following courses, totaling at least 15 credits, must be taken:

  • Chinese 301-302 (or 303*) Third-Level Mandarin (4-4 [or 8]) (Pre: 202)
  • Chinese 311-312 Mandarin Conversation (3-3) (Pre: 202)
  • Chinese 319 Chinese Dialect Studies (variable) (Pre: Consent)
  • Chinese 331**, 332** Web-Based Advanced Chinese Listening and Writing (3, 3) (Pre: 301 or concurrent)
  • Chinese 401-402 (or 404*) Fourth-Level Mandarin (4-4 [or 8]) (Pre: 302)
  • Chinese 411-412 Advanced Mandarin Conversation (3-3) (Pre: 302)
  • Chinese 421B,C Chinese Translation (3) (Pre: 402)
  • Chinese 441 Web-Based Fourth Year Reading and Writing: Advanced Topics I (3) (Pre: 401 or consent)
  • Chinese 461 Introduction to Classical Chinese (3) (Pre: 302)
  • Chinese 485, 486 Selected Readings in Chinese (3, 3) (Pre: 402)
  • Chinese 491 Oral Fluency Through Chinese Films (3) (Pre: 402)

*Chinese 303 and 404 are accelerated versions of 301-302 and 401-402, respectively, and are each counted as two courses.

**Chinese 331 and 332 are each repeatable once, but only one of each may be used towards the fulfillment of these requirements.


  1. At least two of the five courses taken must be at the 400-level.
  2. All five courses must be taken for a letter grade, and must be passed with a grade of 'C' or better. In addition, the GPA for the five courses together must be 3.0 or higher.
  3. All courses must be taken within the University of Hawaii system (with at least three taken at UH-Manoa), or else through a study abroad or exchange program which is directly administered by an official UH-Manoa organization (e.g., the Study Abroad Center) and which is officially recognized by the Chinese Section of Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures.

After completing the above requirements, to receive the certificate you can submit an application to the office in Moore Hall, room 378. Application forms are available in the office or you may download and print the form yourself.

Brief summary of EALL degree requirements on the UH catalog