CHN 305: Third Level Chinese for Business Professionals

Goals & Objectives

This is a comprehensive language-for-specific-purposes (LSP) course, which will admit students with a minimum oral proficiency of Intermediate Mid in Mandarin and will focus on language functions for the workplace. Productive skills, both spoken and written, will include the composition of extended frequently-used business documents.

Students will attain approximately the Intermediate High (Emerging Advanced) Level on the ACTFL/ETS proficiency scale. Intermediate High (Emerging Advanced) Level listening, reading and speaking skills and writing techniques will be given emphasis in this course. Specifically, students will have the opportunity to achieve the following:


Understand the majority of face-to-face conversations in standard Mandarin at normal speech rate in selected business settings; gain main ideas and most supporting details of oral communications during professional engagements, such as applying for and accepting a job, employment procedures and training, office communication, company meetings and conferences, trade fairs and symposia, price inquiry and negotiation, etc. In addition, understanding of broadcast radio and TV news and TV talk shows and interviews on both general topics and business professional topics will also be developed.


Confidently engage in everyday communication needed during the work-related stay in China. Appropriately initiate, maintain and end conversations at the work place in the situations mentioned above. Conduct job-related interviews. Deal with both social and business transactional situations with complications. Give detailed job-related instructions and simple professional oral reports.


Understand main ideas and most supporting details of factual narrations, descriptions and statistics in business prose, such as company announcements, memos, business email exchanges, fiscal reports, product instructions, and advertisements. Reading on various general topics related to social, cultural and current issues in China will also be included. Strategies to understand unfamiliar subjects and a variety of literary styles are also developed.


Be familiar with the formality and characteristics of various Business related writings, such as office memos, work emails, telephone messages, business letters, reports and product advertisements, etc. Write social and basic formal correspondence. Write summaries, descriptions and narrations of several paragraphs accurately. Describe in detail with precision, and narrate in detail with precision. Particularly write articles of at least several paragraphs with a length of 1000 Chinese characters or more. Make a draft for personal talks and speeches.

Topics and Functions Covered

  1. Applying for and Accepting a Job
  2. Employment interview and Training
  3. Office Environment and Management:
    • Office orientation
    • Office facilities and maintenance
    • Document management
    • Reimbursement of business expenses
  4. Business Communication:
    • A typical day at the office
    • Daily communication among officemates
    • Assigning work duties
    • Making promises for work duties
    • Business banquet and end of year party
  5. International Exhibitions, Trade Fairs and Symposia
  6. Business Conferences
  7. Company Visits
  8. Preparing Business Proposals
  9. Advertising Strategies
  10. Company Types and Organizational Structures in China
  11. Trading Procedures:
    • Price inquiry
    • Negotiation and reconciliation
    • Contract/corporation between business partners
    • Goods delivery and payment
  12. Problem-solving:
    • Customer complains
    • Business partner complains
    • Colleague/employee complains
    • Delays in delivery