Graduate Chinese Programs

All Chinese graduate programs are recognized WICHE regional graduate programs. Residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are eligible, upon admission, to enroll at resident tuition rates.

M.A. in Chinese Language & Linguistics

The M.A. degree offers courses focusing on training future teachers of Chinese in the secondary schools and prepares others for advanced research and degrees in areas related to China and other Chinese communities. (View Requirements)

M.A. in Chinese Literary & Cultural Studies

The M.A. degree is offered in the field of Chinese literary and cultural studies with further emphasis on genre studies, literary history, or literary theory and criticism. A variety of courses are taught on the subjects of classical Chinese poetry, Ming-Qing fiction, and 20th century Chinese literary and cultural studies. (View Requirements)

Ph.D in Chinese Language & Linguistics

This Ph.D. program encourages applied or theoretical inquiry, from a cognitive or comparative perspective, into pertinent questions related to Chinese linguistics and language acquisition, based upon documentation and analysis of linguistic data. (View Requirements)

Ph.D in Chinese Literary & Cultural Studies

The Ph.D. degree in East Asian Languages & Literatures aims to train future scholars for the academic profession. The Ph.D. specialization in Chinese literary and cultural studies offers concentrations in either the classical, pre-modern, or the 20th century period. The program also encourages comparative and interdisciplinary studies exploring the relationships between the histories, cultures, and literatures of East Asia as well as within this region. (View Requirements)