Placement Tests

Students with prior experience in the language are required to take a placement test (for more information, contact EALL Undergraduate Program Co-ordinator: 956-2066, The 101/111 courses are intended for students with no prior experience in the language. If your language proficiency is judged to be beyond the 101-level on the first day of class, you will be placed in a higher- level course. Students who are placed in 102 or a higher level may complete the language requirement faster and also earn back-credits (up to 16 credits, which can be counted toward graduation. Restrictions apply: see the Manoa Back Credit Policy). Students starting from 101 will receive no back-credits. A placement adjustment made in the first week of class does not guarantee a seat in the course appropriate for the student.

Incoming Graduate Students

All incoming graduate students whose area of study is Chinese and who are not native speakers of Chinese are required to undergo a proficiency evaluation during their first semester of study in order to determine any deficiencies. These students should contact the language coordinator, Professor Haidan Wang: Moore Hall 355, (808) 956-2053,