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The EALL language placement exams are for students who have extensive prior experience in a language (not at UH), and who might be able to test into a higher level language class. The placement exam is required to determine which course will best accommodate each student’s language ability. Please fill in ALL of the following information. When you click submit, a registration email with your information will be sent to you. It may take a few days for your confirmation email. Confirmation emails will not be sent during weekends and holidays.
(First & Last)
(Without dash e.g. 12345678)

***For all students taking our placement exam: Click on the link below. You will need to sign in using your UH username and password. Click on the language exam you will be taking, then fill out the "Language Placement Survey". Our placement exams are timed and by completing the information sheet now, it will give you more time for the placement exam. Language Placement Survey

Please note the date, time and room number of the exam for which you have registered. Please show up at least 15 minutes in advance.

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