Japanese Poetry Contest 2002


2002 Winners

Out of 127 entries, 24 poems by the following students were awarded prizes:


JPN 100-102 Division:
First Place (free-form) Jennifer Morales
Second Place Kristi Kusunoki
Third Place Gary Evangelista
Honorable Mention Chad Kakiuchi
Honorable Mention Blane Ogawa
Honorable Mention Alden Lum
201-202 Division:
First Place Daphne Gasilos
Second Place Julia Ito
Third Place Deanne Ogasawara
Honorable Mention Sasha Inouye
301-402 Division:
First Place Taryn Harada
Second Place Joanne Hayashi
Third Place Joan Pan
Tanka Division:
First Place Monique Hwang
Second Place Adam Peyman
Third Place Luiko Jantzen
Honorable Mention Derek Uban
Honorable Mention Oren Matsuo
Honorable Mention Un Kyong Hur
Honorable Mention Un Kyong Hur
Honorable Mention Mona Hirata
Honorable Mention Joanne Hayashi
Honorable Mention Masato Baba
Honorable Mention Heather Nuanes


The judges were Gladys Nakahara, Masami Lachmann, Misako Steverson, Joel Cohn and Kathy Kitsutani.



  •  Bookoff Hawaii Inc.
  • Hakubundo, Inc.
  • Iida S.M. Limited
  • Marukai Corporation
  • Shirokiya Inc.
  • The Japan-America Society of Hawaii
  • Center for Japanese Studies, University of Hawaii
  •  Department of E.A.L.L. (J. Cohn, K. Hijirida, R. Huey, K. Kanno, K. Kitsutani, M. Lachmann, Y-C. Li, K. Matsunaga, G. Nakahara, N. Ochner, D. Ogawa, K. Shoji, M. Steverson, M. Tahara, A. Thornhill)




Winning Poems

100 – 102 Division


201 – 202 Division

301 – 402 Division

Tanka Division


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