Japanese Poetry Contest 2010


2010 Winners


100-Level Division:
First Place Ashbea Rose Oyadomari (JPN 102.2)
Second Place Che-Wei Hsu (JPN 102.5)
Third Place Melissa Ching (JPN 102.2)
Honorable Mention Sidney Lewin (JPN 102.3)
Honorable Mention Thomas Plate (JPN 102.2)
Honorable Mention Richmond Kahakuali‘i Kulana Kila Koichi Mokulehua (JPN 102.3)
Honorable Mention Jenni Yanagihara (JPN 102.4)
200-Level Division:
First Place Kobey Togikawa (JPN 202.6)
Second Place Elizabeth Kochinski (JPN 202.6)
Third Place Brittany Paige Burkholder (JPN 201.5)
Honorable Mention Jarenn Nagaishi-Choia (JPN 202.6)
Honorable Mention Chelsea Kiyabu (JPN 202.6)
Honorable Mention Jamie Caranto (JPN 202.6)
Honorable Mention Laura Ellen Specker (JPN 201.5)
300-Level Division:
First Place Daniel Anzai (JPN 301.2)
Second Place Miku Mizutani-Konsolas (JPN 308.1)
Third Place Caitlin Kuroda (JPN 301.2)
Honorable Mention King Chi Sze (JPN 301.1)
Honorable Mention Leticia Ruiz (JPN 308.1)
Honorable Mention Daniel Anzai (JPN 301.2)
Honorable Mention Caitlin Kuroda (JPN 301.2)
400-Level Division:
First Place Kele Caldwell (JPN 402.2)
Second Place Lillian Shimura (JPN 401.3)
Third Place Tiana Fontanilla (JPN 401.1)
Honorable Mention Maximilian Shakely (JPN 401.2)
Honorable Mention Jason Auyeung (JPN 401.3)
Honorable Mention Travonte Taylor (JPN 407E.2)
Honorable Mention Mei Shiang Ning (JPN 401.3)
Honorable Mention Linelle Kashiwada (JPN 401.3)
Honorable Mention Mariko Dawley (JPN 407E.1)


Winning Poems


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