Japanese Poetry Contest 2011


2011 Winners


Sen Sōshitsu Poetry Prize Jutin Kanda (JPN 402.2)
Literature Faculty Haiku Prize Brissa Yamamura (JPN 201.2)
Ishigaki Perry Chōkō Haiku Prize Yuta Yamada (JPN 202.1)
Ishigaki Perry Chōkō Haiku Prize Natalie Chew (JPN 101.3)


100-Level Division:
First Place Chalei Maduli (JPN 102.2)
Second Place Dominic Roos (JPN 101.3)
Third Place Shaylyn Funasaki (JPN 102.2)
Honorable Mention Jeremy Tmono (JPN 102.2)
Honorable Mention Reid Kiyabu (JPN 101.3)
Honorable Mention Alex Mantua, Jr. (JPN 102.4)
200-Level Division:
First Place Devin Kamita (JPN 201.1)
Second Place Karin Yamaguchi (JPN 201.1)
Third Place Tiffany Wannomae (JPN 217.1)
Honorable Mention Yuta Yamada (JPN 202.1)
Honorable Mention Keisha-Lynn Chee (JPN 202.1)
Honorable Mention Jenni Yanagihara (JPN 202.8)
Hnorable Mention Trisha Okimoto (JPN 202.1)
Honorable Mention Camille Mori (JPN 202.3)
300-Level Division:
First Place Alia Aihara (JPN 302.3)
Second Place Lacy Ann Tsutsuse (JPN 302.3)
Third Place Jay Phuotthasack (JPN 302.2)
Honorable Mention Alexander Hirata (JPN 308)
400-Level Division:
First Place Stacy Takeshita (JPN 402.1)
Second Place Thomas Trinh (JPN 401.2)
Third Place Mitchell K. Shimata (JPN 402.2)
Honorable Mention Siying Lao (JPN 402.2)
Honorable Mention Jonathan Odo (JPN 402.2)
Honorable Mention Jeremy Alonzo (JPN 407E.2)
Honorable Mention Mei Shiang Ning (JPN 401.3)
Honorable Mention Linelle Kashiwada (JPN 401.3)
Honorable Mention Mariko Dawley (JPN 407E.1)


Winning Poems


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