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JPN 332 Advanced Japanese Reading and Writing

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Japanese for Communication
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Fall 2011 Syllabi

EALL 271 Japanese Lit in Translation - Traditional
EALL 272 Japanese Lit in Translation - Modern
EALL 325D Japanese Film: Art/History - Special Topics
EALL 371B Prose Fiction/Lit Miscellany
EALL 372B Modern Japanese Lit: Fiction
JPN 101 Elementary Japanese
JPN 102 Elementary Japanese
JPN 111 Elementary Japanese for Oral Comm I
JPN 112 Elementary Japanese for Oral Comm II
JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese
JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese
JPN 211 Intermediate Japanese for Oral Comm I
JPN 212 Intermediate Japanese for Oral Comm II
JPN 217 Intro to Japanese Rdg/Wrtg/Basic Kanji
JPN 301 Third-Year Japanese
JPN 302 Third-Year Japanese
JPN 307 Special Japanese Reading & Writing
JPN 318 Oral Fluency through Film
JPN 350 Intro to Japanese Linguistics
JPN 370 Language in Japanese Society
JPN 401 Fourth-Year Japanese I
JPN 402 Fourth-Year Japanese II
JPN 407B Newspapers and Magazines
JPN 407E Modern Literature
JPN 421 Japanese Composition
JPN 451 Structure of Japanese (section 001)
Structure of Japanese (section 002)
JPN 452 Intro to Japanese Pedagogical Grammar
JPN 461 Intro to Classical Japanese
JPN 471 Okinawan Language & Culture I
JPN 475 Intro to Japanese Sociolinguistics
JPN 495C Travel Industry Internship
JPN 601 Japanese Phonology & Morphology
JPN 604 Intro to Japanese Language Pedagogy
JPN 620B Practicum: Beg Level Japanese Instruction
JPN 631 History of the Japanese Language
JPN 634 Advanced Japanese Syntax & Semantics
JPN 640 Themes in Japanese Literature
JPN 730H Historical Change in Japanese
JPN 730P Research Sem in Japanese Ling: Pedagogy
JPN 730S Research Sem in Japanese Ling: Socioling

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