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Japan Culture Club (JCC)

Cultural workshops, community service, international exchange, language exchanges and movie showings. Through activities involving Japanese Culture, we strive to develop a mutual understanding among members with cultural exchange, a sense of camaraderie and community service.

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Nippon Culture Day

November 3 is Culture Day in Japan, and through the support of EALL teaching faculty that culture is brought to the UH student body on Nippon Culture Day. The celebration features a variety of workshops and entertainment from various parts of Japan. Past activities have included ikebana, calligraphy, demonstrations on how to make musubi, tea ceremonies, and Okinawan song and dance.

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2011 Nippon Culture Day

Japanese Poetry Contest

The Japanese Poetry contest was started in the spring semester of 1999 by voluntary faculty of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures and has since become an annual event. The contest provides an excellent opportunity for our students to use the Japanese grammar and expressions that they have learned in class to express their individual feelings in a creative manner. The contest also shows the students that the Japanese language they are learning is not limited to the confines of the classroom, but it is a living language that can reach out to the world and be appreciated by all who understand Japanese. The contest also creates a bond between the university and the community in Hawaii which helps sponsor the contest.

Depending on the year, we divided the entries into different divisions. In the inaugural year, we divided the 54 entries into two divisions, the beginning level and the intermediate level. By the fourth contest, the contest grew in scope to 167 entries and four divisions, the beginning level, intermediate level, advanced level, and tanka division. Prizes for the winners have been donated by various organizations and individuals in Hawaii, to whom we are very grateful. The winning poems were read by the students on radios stations KZOO and KJPN, and articles about the contest were published in newspapers and journals such as The Hawaii Hochi, East-West Journal, and Ka Leo O Hawai'i.

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Japanese National Honor Society

The 2008 National Honor Society Awards Ceremony was held on May 8. Our undergraduate advisor Ray Kaneyama worked very hard to film the proceedings and produced a wonderful video. Many thanks to Ray for all his hard work!