Additional cultural activities, resources and exchange opportunities are available through the Center for Japanese Studies.

What's New

A warm welcome to Dr. Saeko Shibayama, Ph.D. Columbia University 2012, who will be joining EALL in Fall 2012 as a pre-modern Japanese literature specialist. Her office will be in Moore 388 (956-2071).

Three of our Japanese faculty will be on leave in Fall 2012: Bob Huey (sabbatical), Kazue Kanno (sabbatical), Misako Steverson (LOA).

The results for the 14th Annual Japanese Poetry Contest have been announced. A warm congratulations to this year's winners.

Learn about the Japanese Language Tutoring Program for Spring 2012.

A warm welcome to our new Faculty Member Dr. Ken Ito, Professor in Japanese Literature, and Visiting Writer-in-Residence for AY 2011-12, Haruki Murakami.

Congratulations to AY 2011-12 Japanese Section Head Ken Ito, Linguistic Coordinator Kazue Kanno, Literature Coordinator Arthur Thornhill, Lower-level Coordinator Susan Hirate and Upper-Level Coordinator Gladys Nakahara (both also multi-level coordinators), the following Language Committee Members: Tomoko Iwai and Dennis Ogawa, and the following Curriculum Committee members: Kazue Kanno, Arthur Thornhill, Gladys Nakahara, and Susan Hirate.