M.A. in Korean Language & Linguistics

Rev. 04/12

Program Scope and Objectives

The M.A. in East Asian Languages and Literatures is offered with three areas of concentration: Chinese language and literature, Japanese language and literature, and Korean language and literature. The program is designed to provide students with advanced professional training in the history and structure of the chosen language and the literature of that language. Within each area of concentration, the student may choose to emphasize either language or literature. The program is also intended to provide professional training and practical teaching experience for future teachers of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The faculty and facilities in the area of teaching East Asian languages are numerous and diverse and encouragement is given to those interested in pursuing teaching careers.

Admission Requirements

In addition to approval of admission by the Graduate Division, students must have satisfactory GRE scores (TOEFL scores, minimum of 560, are required of foreign students) and letters of recommendation, and meet the department's standards of competence in Korean. Advancement to candidacy also assumes knowledge of the structure of the language equivalent to KOR 451 and 452.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 30 credits is required for the M.A., as follows:

1. EALL 601 (or KOR 635) and EALL 603K, a total of 6 credits, which all M.A. students must take in their first year of residence.
2. Courses required for the candidate's concentration, totalling 18 credits.
3. Electives totalling at least 6 credits.

At least 18 credits (12 credits for Plan A) of concentration and elective courses must be in courses numbered 600 or higher, including a 700-level seminar, and excluding 699V. However, 699V may be applied in individual cases when it has been approved in advance as a substitute for a course numbered 600 or higher.

Diagnostic Evaluation

During the first semester, the student will take a diagnostic evaluation to determine the quality of preparation for graduate work at the master's level in the chosen concentration. Only after passing this evaluation and clearing any other deficiencies may the student be advanced to candidacy.

The student may select either Plan A (thesis) or Plan B (non-thesis)

Course Requirements: Plan A

Students choosing Plan A must take the same courses as those choosing Plan B, except that 6 credits of EALL 700V will be substituted for other courses in consultation with the advisor. There will be a final oral examination on the thesis.

Course Requirements: Plan B

Students choosing Plan B will select courses for the required 30 credits from those listed for their area of concentration. Beginning Fall 2011, in the final semester of residency, students in Plan B will be expected to write a scholarly paper synthesizing their ideas and clarifying their thinking about important issues in their field. There is no course associated with the scholarly paper. This will be followed by a final oral examination, which may also cover other aspects of the student's program.

Course Listings

Required (12 credits):

  • EALL 601 Method of Teaching East Asian Languages (3) [Pre: 451]
    KOR 635 Pedagogy of Teaching Korean as a Second Language (3) [Pre: 452]
  • EALL 603K Bibliography and Research Methodology: Korea (3) [Pre: 402]
  • KOR 452 Structure of Korean (3) [Pre: 202]
  • KOR 730 Research Seminar in Korean Language (3)

9 credits from:

  • KOR 470 Language and Culture of Korea (3) [Pre: 402]
  • KOR 631 History and Dialects of Korean Language (3) [Pre: 451, 452]
  • KOR 632 Korean Phonology and Morphology (3) [Pre: 451, 452]
  • KOR 633 Korean Syntax and Semantics (3) [Pre: 452]
  • KOR 634 Korean Sociolinguistics (3) [Pre: 401, 402, 470]
  • KOR 636 Korean Conversation Analysis (3) [Pre: 451 & 452]
  • KOR 645 Research in Korean Language Acquisition (3) [Pre: 635]
  • KOR 655 Practicum: Teaching Korean as a Second Language (3) [Pre: 635]

3 credits from:

  • KOR 463 Introduction to Traditional Korean Literature (3) [Pre: 402]
    KOR 494 Introduction to Modern Korean Literature (3) [Pre: 402]
  • KOR 613(Alpha) Korean Verse (3) [Pre: 463 for T; 464 for M]
  • KOR 614(Alpha) Korean Narrative (3) [Pre: 463 for T; 464 for M]
  • KOR 615(Alpha) Korean Drama (3) [Pre: 463 for T; 464 for M]
  • KOR 640 Literary Translation of Korean (3) [Pre: 463, 464]

Plan A Only - 6 credits:

  • EALL 700V Thesis research

Plan B - 6 credits from approved courses


The M.A. in Korean is a recognized WICHE regional graduate program. Residents of Alaska, Arizona, California (starting with Fall 2010 admission), Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are eligible, upon admission, to enroll at resident tuition rates.

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