Visiting Scholars

Procedure & Policies for Visiting Scholars

Excerpted from the EALL Departmental Policies and Procedures document, rev. 10/2013


“EALL accepts applications for Visiting Scholars/Associates but does not normally provide any resources (such as clerical support, office, telephone, Xeroxing, computer/printing facility). Applicants must have an EALL faculty sponsor who is willing to help with communication/logistical issues. Therefore, individual EALL faculty should not sponsor more than 2 Visiting Scholars per academic year. Visiting Scholars must apply directly to the Chair by submitting one page description of their research project while at UHM, an updated CV with a list of publications, and proof of financial support. The Chair forwards these documents to program/section faculty for determination of the applicant’s scholarly legitimacy, and to the Executive Committee for final approval by vote. As a rule, EALL will accept no more than 2 Visiting Scholars per semester. Applications are reviewed twice a year and must be received by March 4 for the fall semester, and September 2 for following spring semester. [AC 02/04/2011].”


“If the proposed research will involve human subjects, it has to be reviewed and approved by the University Institutional Review Board (IRB). If the principal investigator is not a Board of Regents appointment or an individual receiving a paycheck from UH, s/he must have a UH-affiliated co-investigator. Otherwise, the IRB will be unlikely to agree to review the research project.”


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