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Instructor: Neil Stotts

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Neil Stotts: ENG100, Fall 2012

Campus: Univ of Hawaii Maui College Department: English
Course: ENG 100 - Composition I Crn (Section): 46446 (0)     46465 (0)     46466 (0)     46518 (0)    
1. The instructor allows time for questions and encourages them.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.35 20 0.99 Freq(%) 1 (5%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 4 (29%) 18 (95%)
2. The instructor kept the class engaged in meaningful learning activities.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree   N/A  
4.82 17 0.39 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 11 (55%) 8 (57%) 0 (0%)
3. The instructor shows a genuine interest in the progress of students.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree   N/A  
4.72 19 0.57 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (5%) 0 (0%) 2 (12%) 10 (50%) 0 (0%)
4. I was an active learner in this course by regularly attending class and completing all course assignments.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.71 17 0.47 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (5%) 5 (29%) 6 (43%)
5. To complete this course successfully, how many hours each week would a typical student devote to course work outside of class?
4 hours
I would say a person should spend up to 12hours a week working on their papers for English to make sure that they get the best draft that they can.
about 3-5 hours a week.
about 4 to 5 hours a week
i spend a an hour or so of my free time to work on any homework or any essays that have been assigned.
In my opinion a student should put at least 15 hours of work outside of class to pass.
at least 5 to 8
About 3 hours. (1 1/2 HW hours per class session)
I would say around 4-5 hours a week, working on each essay would typical be the amount of time needed in order to be successful in this class. With the essays you will really want to spend a lot of time on them, because if you don't you probably wont get the grade you may want.
I dedicated 4-6 hours per week outside of the classroom depending on the assignments given. I think the bare minimum of time spent outside of the classroom to produce decent work would be 3-4, however I found myself working more hours when I was truly dedicated to a certain paper and knew what I wanted to improve.
I would spend about two hours a week outside of class completing assignments.
I think it is hard to say. It really depends on how hard the student worked on their paper. I wanted to get a good grade so I was always spending a good amount of time outside of class working on my work but I don't have an exact time amount.
I would devote 3 hours or more working on homework to complete this course successfully
I'd say about 4 hours a week. To get papers done and to do research.
About 7 to 8 hours a week.
the least I should put in the class per week is nine hours.
About 6 hours
around 6 to 8 hours
6 hours
I believe that you need to put in at least 4-6 hours per week for this class. This will give you enough time to write and re-write your papers. This will ensure success.
Not sure about the typical student, but the student returning to school after 20 years spends approximately 8 hours a week, on average(more on weeks assignments are due.
9 hours
I believe it's 6 hours.
About 6 hours.
I believe that by completing this course successfully, a devoted student would have several hours everyday to do course work outside of class.
About 6 hours
For a solid paper deserving for B or higher, Id recommend at least 5-6 hours outside of class per draft.
I spent many hours a week to course work outside of class, usually averaging 3-4 hours.
For myself it took about 3 hours a week of time for assignments for this class.
I would say 5-6 Hours
To complete this course successfully totally depends on how determined you are to succeed. Hours could range from 10-20 hours. Depending on what kind of success you want will determine the amount of hours you put into this course.
I'd say on average I was putting in maybe 5-6 hours a week.
Depending on the amount of classes he/she is taking and if I remember correctly, one should be studying at least 3 hrs./day for the amount of credits their pursuing in the semester. 3 hrs. for 1 credit.
you should spend a lot of time reaserching.
8-12 if you are dedicated to doing quality work and willing to go for a high score
8 hours a week
2 hours
I typically devote 5 hours a week to this class. In those hours I write practice drafts and also work on my writing.
We should complete at least 10 hours a week after each class
as much time as u need
about 4-6 hours
a week, I'd say 8 hours
I spent alot of time on homework, but I norally enjoyed my first draft of my essays so It didnt take much time to correct or change them. I cant say how many hours I spent on homework. Sorry.
About five hours a week, sometimes more in order to complete my drafts.
In order to keep up with and complete it with good results does not take much time. I would devote about 4 hours of work to english 100.
To complete this course successfully, a typical student should devote at 2-4 hours a week for course work outside of class.
At least 3 hours. About 1.5 hours for each assignment.
About 2 hours a day. Total of 14 hours a week.
Me personally I would take about an hour or two depending on the task and how much needed to be done.
To complete this course successfully I thing that a student would have to devote several hours outside of class each week.
Six hours
To complete this course successfully, a student would need to devote at the very least an hour every other day or at the most 3-4 hours.
I'd say about 6-8 hours total over a week.
on occasions that dealed with writting of essays, i would take anywhere from one to three hours on completeing a draft from start to finish, on occasions that required book work, no longer than thirty minutes were spent so an average week with two drafts i would take about five to six hours of work.
I usually worked on this course's homework for about 4 to 6 hours a week outside of class. I'd say it's about the same for the other students.
I devote about 5-8 hours every week to this course outside of class.
Two hours a day, 14 hours a week.
I would say that each student devoted about 4 hours in doing the coursework outside of class.
On average, I spent about six hours per week on course work outside of class.
10 hours per week. not including weeekends
About 3 hours
3 hours min.
6. What did you find most valuable and helpful about the course?
Learning how to write an essay was extremely helpful and most valuable.
I liked how the papers started small then became more involved so that the students became comfortable with writing essays, especially if it has been a long time since they had to write one.
Learning MLA, but it's more of self learning type of class. You need to learn a lot on your own in this class.
this class really helped me learn how to write a college level paper and how to improve my writing. the book he made was very useful and explained each topic well
Learning how to write essays better, with more details and better flow was extremely helpful.
having feed back from others. And adding things that are needed to make the essay better.
The most helpful thing about this course is learning how to write papers and citing a source correctly.
i learn a lot. more than i have in highschool english.
I found the lectures and the insights to essays helpful. The little discussions to clarify the prompt more thoroughly helped a lot.
I found that class time spent explaining and expanding on topic ideas and open class discussion to be the most helpful. Hearing a multitude of opinions and the thoughts of other class mates helped to expand my own thinking. Sometimes I may understand an idea but don't know how to articulate and Neil has a way of drawing it out of a student and making a student understand something on their own terms, instead of just giving a student the answer. This class has taught me to be a better writer overall by improving the way I think about topics and focusing on the key element, not minor details that can cloud an essay.
I really learned how to get all my thoughts onto the paper when writing essays.
I learned a lot in this class. I feel that the writing techniques that Neil though us were very helpful. I used to think I was a horrible writer but now I am much more confident in my work. Also the text book that he created was a very helpful took that I will still use in the future.
I found that coming to each class is valuable because thats when I'm engaging in the subject and I understand what I'm learning. I also found that communicating with the teacher helped me a lot in learning things I didn't understand.
The teacher always explains why we need certain punctuations in places and also his course packet is very helpful.
The passion Mr. Stotts has for english and teaching is very inspiring and helps get his students into learning and feeling good in a subject, even though some are weak in it, like myself.
Looking in myself to find greats stories and have them come to life on paper.
Class discussions; They were interesting and engaging. Every discussion was funny and blew my mind. Many other students would agree.
Most valuable and helpful is how simple he makes the assignments are but they are still difficult. also the group work helps with perfecting my papers without having to show him.
Neil is such a great teacher. I can honestly say that I learned more in this semester course than I have ever learned about writing in the past. He encourages everyones ideas. He works to help everyone the best he can. You can tell that he cares. He also has a great sense of humor that keeps me motivated and engaged.
The open discussions with the entire class. It help getting input from other students. This helped when I was stuck on my topic.
the skills needed to organize thoughts, and Mr. Stotts kept the class engaged.
He understood what a lot of people went through
The group dicussions which includes peer reviews and suggestions. Being able to do drafts. Also, his excellent examples and explanations for better understanding. And the opportunity to meet with him one on one in his office.
The amount of essays that we wrote. I really learned a lot from the different subjects.
It taught me to think more and rethink almost everything before putting it in the essay(s).
The teaching methodology is consistent and efficient. At the end of the semester, I can realize how the learning process was built. I feel more knowledgeable and confidente in writing compositions. The professor is very clear on the points he makes, provides good class material, and he is able to work in the individuals writing characterístics of each student.
Professor Stotts group work and class discussions on the assignments and our skills. I also found his love for teaching and helping students extremely valuable
Each essay opportunity.
This was my most enjoyable English class ever.
I was able to formulate and organized my thoughts using the steps Mr. Stotts thought us.
EVERYTHING!! Neil Stotts does not overwhelm you with paperwork. He offers endless amount of help and encouragement to succeed. He made learning fun and wanting to learn more. He related to his students and was very knowledgable. He never hesitated to share his growth as an English teacher. I looked forward to each class session excited to see what was in store. This methods of learning/teaching made this class a success! i would definitely take another class as Neil Stotts as the instructor. My time in this class was well worth every priceless minute.
Willing to help.
Neil is very fair with grading and finds time to help all of the students in his class.
Mr.Stotts' enthusiasm and helpfulnes.
I found my weaknesses in this English 100 course, but was able to embrace and grow from it to help me become a better writer and understand the English subject in general. I've made my necessary improvements so I can be productive and efficient in my life.
the book that had the things you really needed to know. it was very helpful on so many levels.
Stotts was available to give help and clarify instructions when needed and gave good constructive criticism
very opinion based. and fair grading system. every student has an equal oppurtunity
The help Stotts gave
What I found most helpful was the fact that mr. Stotts was always there to help us improve our writing skills. He was extremely encouraging and pushed us to become amazing writers.
I found that doing drafts and outlines continuously, our papers will come out great.
the group work, and the opened minded aspect
I found that the drafting really did improve my final papers. Going from a raw rough draft to the final is a process that will be really useful for my future papers. Please keep up the drafting. Also, encouraging students to engage in the class and ask questions really made a huge impact in how we all related to each other and got to see different perspectives and clear up questions that everyone may have had. Keep being an awesome teacher!
how Stotts explains assignments and engages us the students to come up with great ideas with the class
I really thought my teacher was helpful, I felt confortable asking him questions. He really helped me think about my first drafts, and refine them.
the freedom of writing.
The ability to write in a way that expressed me and wasn't just informational. This course taught me and helped me master my own writing. It also exposed my writing style and who I am as a writer.
The essay writing skills. i understand it will be important for college and im glad ive got an early start on it.
My essay writing skills improved greatly. The draft concept really helped me to improve my essay's efficiently.
Being able to write a paper by breaking it up into smaller sections. Learning about different ways to write.
Trying to become a better writer by challenging ourselves with the writing topics we had to do.
Gave me a better sense of writing. Also helped me understand and realize a lot more about language(s). Language is an awesome thing and you should always look to further your knowledge in it.
This course was very fun and enjoyable. I think that one of the most helpful things about this course was that it enhanced my writing abilities.
The correct steps to developing and formulating a good essay (i.e. outline, lightning draft, second draft, final); how to look at the underlying meanings and behaviors of things; the correct way to use quotations and paraphrasing
I found composing essays valuable and helpful
That Mr. Stotts asks intriguing questions and answers your questions, too. This question/answer thing really helps keep the class moving forward. :)
this course has helped me better unsderstand the baisic consepts and techniques on creating and drafting a well written essay.
I learned how to add voice to my paper and know exactly who my audience is. Instead of writing generic high school papers, I learned how to write college level essays.
The changed way of thinking is definitely the most valuable thing I will take away. Mr. Stotts encourages us to look deeper into things and think about the hidden meanings. It makes you see the world on a whole new level. It was also very helpful when we talked with each other in groups. It made ideas flow and really helped when it came time to write. I also liked getting into the practice of writing drafts. Usually I would just do one and done. Now, I appreciate the other drafts a lot more. They really do help make your paper better.
There were some difficult essays we had to write which required us to use a lot of our brain power.
I found that learning how to write a college essay and the steps it took in completing a final draft will help me in the future to writing other college essays.
The one major thing that I learned from this course is how to think critically. Mr. Stotts taught me how to really think about the fine details in developing my paper.
learning how to write with commentary because it makes my writing better.
It taught me how to write essays that are actually enjoyable to read and not strictly information.
The amount of time that we had to complete our work because the class days were well spaced out.
I liked that each class we revised our papers to make them better. That helped me focus on what I needed to fix and learn how to be a better writer.
7. The instructor gives clear explanations.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.1 20 0.79 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (5%) 8 (40%) 7 (35%)
8. The instructor is enthusiastic about the course material.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.3 20 0.86 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (5%) 1 (6%) 7 (35%) 10 (71%)
9. The instructor appears to have a thorough knowledge of the subject.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.5 20 0.83 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (5%) 5 (25%) 18 (95%)
10. The instructor treated students with respect.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.15 20 1.23 Freq(%) 1 (5%) 0 (0%) 1 (5%) 5 (25%) 15 (88%)
11. The instructor encouraged class discussion.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.4 20 0.99 Freq(%) 1 (5%) 0 (0%) 1 (5%) 6 (43%) 12 (60%)
12. I was able to get individual help when I needed it.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.93 14 0.73 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 5 (25%) 3 (16%) 6 (30%)
13. In general, the course was well organized.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.84 19 0.5 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (5%) 1 (6%) 10 (50%)
14. How can the instructor improve the teaching of this course?
I think the way he is teaching now is very good. He might be able to improve if he could spend equal amount of time with each group in the class during the class period.
Maybe by grading some of the early drafts to make sure students are on the right track.
Instruct better, kind of go step-by-step
maybe spending less time and getting to each group in one class period. visit groups that wanted to see him again after seeing all groups
I think he can improve by spending equal amounts of time with each student, during each class time.
Could use smart thinking. and get more peoples opinions about what were writhing about.
Neil Stotts can improve the teaching of this course by updating his students more on Laulima.
offer more one on one time besides office hours
Pick our own groups to work with.
An improvement could be made by either minimizing group work or setting a standard to what should be accomplished, and then a class discussion at the end to talk about what we discovered in our group. Group work tends to lead to gossip and students are a afraid or just plain don't know how to give good feedback. If there was more structure, like a list of things to accomplish while in groups, I think students would gain more instead of waiting around until the teacher comes to their group to help them out.
I feel he does a great job at everything going on.
I am not really sure, I liked the course the way that it is.
Neil Stotts can improve teaching this course by using laulima or a computer source to let student know what to do and to look at our grade. I feel that would be very helpful.
Not much, I enjoyed his class thoroughly and the content of the class is well thought out.
Nothing, the course is great!
Less explaining more examples.
N/A, It was awesome.
he doesn't need to improve because it is perfect
I wish the class was longer than just the hour and 15 minutes. I enjoy class so much and I learn tons. I just wish we had more time to disuss.
I enjoy the way he taught this class. I have no suggestions for improvement.
When making groups split them up for the students.
It's perfect the way it is.
More time for peer reviews on essays. They really helped me see where I was in my essays, and they kept me on track.
I don't think he needs any improvement.
A little more explanation of his idea of a good paper. Also maybe more practice of some kind to show what we should improve on in our writing.
I think the course packet could be updated because it was confusing sometimes reading the course packet explaining an essay's requirements then he would change them.
Neil Stotts was an excellent instructor and his course was very well organized and manageable. Never overwhelming.
I don't know it seems pretty good.
From his lectures to the assignments he gives out, practically everything about his class made him my all time favorite English teacher. I think the class has nothing to improve on.
I would like him to have more office hours but his in class discussions covered most of my questions.
He's a very good teacher and pushes students to reach their fullest potential, but maybe he can be a little less strict when it comes to how he wants the work structured. Everyone's knowledge of vocabulary is not as strong as his is and so I think he needs to be flexible when it comes down to the essays.
it was all good.
I dunno... the culture essay was the most difficult for me to write but was my highest scored paper.
Not much to say here. for an english class I would say he makes it as fun as possible.
Nothing, he does great work
I enjoyed his class and don't really think it needs improvement.
He doesn't need any improveements.
nothing hes awesome
Keep being Neil Stotts:) Awesome teacher!
Maybe give us more time to turn in assignments
I wish the classes were longer so more people would have time to talk to him one on one. Other then that, I really dont think anything could be better. I really enjoyed this class!
Grade a little easier, it's pretty tough.
For Neil I would say, don't tell us the papers only get easier after a particular one because it was actually a lot harder for me. I feel like the false hope that was set up through that statement made me discouraged because I thought I was just dumb because these papers are suppose to be easier.
to be honest i cant think of anything
Maybe discuss further how papers will be graded or give chances for revision.
He can improve by trying to teach us more on grammar, sentence structure, works cited, etc. because I am still unclear of those things. He could also improve this course by meeting with each of us after each essay and tell us what we can do to improve our writings because instead of getting better at writing I think I am getting worse by the grades I am getting.
Maybe teach the students more how to edit other papers and give good feedback to one another.
I think that the course is already pretty good. It is really fun and many of the assignments and requirements are pretty well explained. One thing that he could do to improve his course is to put a huge emphasis revisions and that they do enough revisions so they do not get zeros on their paper.
Try to answer emails; discuss with everyone on their topics because those who are left out may not be doing the essay correctly
Mr. Stotts was an excellent instructor
I really like the class as-is. ^_^
keep it the same
Mr. Stotts can improve the teaching of this course by having the class more engaged, because sometimes the class seemed bored or confused.
Sometimes, Mr. Stotts is unable to go around and talk to every discussion group. I really enjoy his feedback and comments so when he doesn't come around it sucks. The class would be improved if he could make it around to every group because the students really appreciate his help. However, this is just a minor improvement.
Talking to us one on one more. Giving class time to all students instead of just some.
I think that he could do some hands on things with the students to help them learn and retain the information.
The class did well the way he ran it. Keep the course the same.
Editing our all our papers before we turn it in for a real grade.
Do other short assignments to help us prepare for our big essays
Sometimes our papers felt rushed, but that's probably because of the limited time we had. I think he could spend more time helping all the students with their revisions.
15. My overall evaluation of this instructor is....
Overall Mr. Neil Stotts was a very good teacher who seemed to enjoy and really know what he was teaching.
He is very knowledgable about a lot of topics, he shows his love for teaching English and he makes it an interesting class. I really enjoyed him as a teacher and have recommended him to friends who still need to take English 100.
Great person, great guy. Tends to joke around a lot.
he is a very good teacher and enjoys helping the students. he kept the class fun and interesting and made me want to go to class. explains everything in detail and makes sure everyone understands what we have to do.
That he is a good teacher that seems to really enjoy teaching!
overall i think that he did a great job and everything.
Neil Stotts is a good instructor. He is well organized and helps his students when he can.
if he was a squid luau, hewould be broke da mout
Good teacher.
Stotts is a very smart guy. He knows what he's talking about and I feel more knowledgeable after leaving his class each time.The way we are pushed to think in is class in regards to the essays we have to write, it makes english and writing seem just a tad bit more enjoyable.
Neil is a knowledgeable and approachable teacher that is interested and wants students to improve their writing. I feel more comfortable in a classroom when I can relate to a teacher and when I feel that I am not just another faceless essay or student drone. When the teacher is actually interested in the material they are teaching, I am more invested in the work I produce.
He is a great teacher, he engages with students really well and when someone doesn't get what's going on he really does his best in helping them understand the material.
He is great teacher that I will recommend to other students.
My overall evalution of Neil Stotts is that he is a good instructor. He takes his work very serious and I could always ask for help and he would always try in his best way to make me understand.
An excellent teacher that always has mind blowing stories that entices the students to actually do the work that he gives. Mr.Stotts is always willing to give advice on papers and gives assignments that make the students think outside the box.
Great course, great lectures, and a great teacher.
funny, understanding, an all around good teacher.
This was the best english class I've ever taken. Mr. Stotts makes it easy to understand, get thoughts and creative juices flowing, and inspires you with each discussion. Although our class was easily diverse and everyone applied themselves, there's no challenge this teacher can't handle. I'm thankful I had him as an english teacher.
on a scale from 1-10; 12938471928374.
He is an engaging teacher. I loved the fact that you can see him during office hours and he helps unlock those thoughts that you never realized you had.
Awesome teacher, knowledgeable, and inspirational.
That his an excellent and humorous teacher. It was fun being in his class.
He made english (My least favorite subject) very enjoyable to the point whereI would get excited for the class.
Very good. He made the concepts very well for me to understand.
An overall awesome teacher and I was privileged to learn from him.
He was always enthusiastic to teach. He seemed to enjoy his job.
Excellent teacher who takes the time to thoroughly explain instructions, then asks if anyone has questions to be sure everyone understands. Ourstanding
Great teacher with a good sense of humor.
Very good. Knows how to teach well.
He is fantastic teacher and I love everything about his teaching and his class.
I think Mr.Stotts is definitely qualified for this class and provides a great foundation for his students to gain inspiration from.
He's really sincere and respectful. It's easy to approach him with questions or concerns because he's understanding ,and he makes sure everyone's comfortable in the classroom environment.
A quality instructor, he knows the material, and the passion that he has for his chosen subject is evident. He has a hard grading policy but I feel that this only encourages the student to work harder
Awesome teacher. Most fun I have ever had in English class.
Awesome English teacher.
I would give mr. Stotts 9 out of 10 points. It was a great class and maybe me feel comfortable with my writing.
He is an awesome teacher. He really knows what he is trying to teach and he encourages and helps his students in any way possible.
love him amazing teacher he helped me love English
Awesome teacher with a very open minded approach to his students and their opinions. Makes students feel comfortable and very respectful to students opinions even if not directly related to the study.
The class was great and Eng.100 couldnt be better without Mr. Stotts. He really is a genuine professor.
I think he is a really GREAT teacher! He is very helpful! He is very funny, and makes the class a happy envioronment. He makes sure that everyone understands what he is talking about, and all the information he gives. He is a really helpful guy!
Really good.
He is a very knowledgeable person and excellent teacher.
hands down awesome!!! best english teacher ever...
very friendly and good teacher. could be a part time comedian.
He is a good teacher who knows his content. He is interested in the subject and is enthusiastic about the students' learning. He is always prepared to answer questions that we may have and always encourages challenging the course.
He's an OK teacher. He's nice and helpful in class. I like how he meets with us to talk about our topics. Some of the readings we had to go over were interesting, and I liked how it introduced us to the new essay topic we were going to do.
on a scale of 1 to 10. I give him a 9. Great teacher. I could see the passion he has for his job and tries to share it. Also was really cool but made sure we did what was asked of us.
I think that Neil Stotts is a kind and helpful teacher. His class was really and and he really made us think. He challenged us and aided us when we needed it.
Very enthusiastic, nice, and nerdy; knows his stuff and teaches well; very knowledgeable about world issues
His personality and uplifting manner made it easier and motivating to learn
He is very open and very friendly. He also seems to like the Socratic method a lot. I really appreciate his efforts to get the class involved and his questions/answers really help with the actual essay-writing.
Neil Stotts was a very passionate and helpful proffesor. he was able to get the class into some deep discussions and personally gave me a different way of looking at things. i really enjoyed this course and would highly reccomend it to my peers.
He's a really great teacher and know a lot about what he's teaching. I liked how he would meet with students individually to make sure that we are on track to a successful semester.
He is an excellent teacher. He knows what he's doing and can convey it well to others. He is always really mellow and that makes it easy to learn from him. I enjoyed his class very much. It was a great learning experience and he was a very good teacher. What you learn in his class is definitely something that you can carry over into other classes.
Mr. Stotts is a well rounded teacher that knows how to connect with his students. He is good at giving examples and has many ways of explaining his thoughts.
Mr. Stotts was took pride in his work by teaching the class what they needed to know. He was very organized in teaching his lessons to the class and very organized in creating assignments for the class. He also took the time to help each of the students and the progress certainly showed as most of his students passed each essay with flying colors.
a great professor. I feel like I learned how to write better. So I thank him!
He is a very good teacher who knew a lot about the topics that we needed to write about. He was very straightforward and kind when giving us feedback as well.
Professor Stotts is really knowledgeable and helpful to the students. His class is planned out well and taught me a lot about my writing.
16. Other comments:
I hope I achieve a passing grade in his class :)
I sincerely enjoyed this course and could see the progression in my writing abilities as the semester went on. I am glad I took this course with Mr. Stotts!
I am tried of doing English for the last three semester im taking a break, but if i was still taking English i would take him again.
He's a great teacher and i've learned a lot. I have seen a big improvement on my writing skills. before i had a very hard time writing but now it's not that hard.
My favorite class. Only two days a week is not enough. If im ever absent or tardy, I feel as if I missed the beginning of a good movie.
Great class. Looking forward to having more classes taught by Neil Stotts.
I am a returning student and chose to take one class to see if I could handle going back to school, not only did his teaching challenge my own thought process he inspired me to continue with my education. English 100 was a class I dropped 2 times 20 years prior, his clear teaching allowed who ever showed up to succeed.
I believe that the instructor is what makes the course...
Slightly tough with giving As. An A really means something in this class but others wont know that.
thank you
I really enjoyed taking this class!
Only English teacher I have ever liked and enjoyed being in class. I will be sure to always recommend you to friends. I learned a lot thanks Neil Jeremy Abdill
Great class to take .
yeaaah buddy
I really enjoyed this class, my love for english has only grown throughout the jouney of this class. I got to know myself better as a writer! Thank You Mr. Stotts!
Keep it real.
thank you very much for your time and gas.
I enjoy his class.
He should really answer his e-mails. I stopped e-mailing him because he would not get back to me. So I felt I couldn't get the help I needed out of school.
I learned a lot in this course and I feel prepared for college essays now. Thanks Mr. Stotts!
Sometimes it seems like you forget to put on socks with your shoes so don't forget that! Thanks for being such a good teacher! :D
Answer his emails.