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Instructor: Thomas Beran

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Thomas Beran : MATH115, Fall 2011

Campus: Univ of Hawaii Maui College Department: Math
Course: MATH 115 - Statistics Crn (Section): 48982 (0)     48983 (0)     48984 (0)     49022 (0)     49073 (0)     49075 (0)     49076 (0)    
1. I utilize all the learning opportunities provided in the course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.17 12 1.19 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (8%) 1 (33%) 7 (58%)
2. The instructor gives clear explanations.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.91 11 0.94 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (33%) 2 (40%) 2 (67%)
3. The instructor seems to enjoy teaching.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.6 5 0.55 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 3 (33%) 2 (67%)
4. The instructor appears to have a thorough knowledge of the subject.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.44 9 1.01 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (67%)
5. The instructor clearly stated at the beginning of the semester the objectives of the course and requirements.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.33 3 2.08 Freq(%) 1 (33%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (33%) 1 (33%)
6. The instructor makes me feel free to ask questions.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.67 3 0.58 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (22%) 1 (33%) 7 (64%)
7. The instructor has been helpful whenever I have encountered difficulties.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.0 3 1.73 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (8%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (40%)
8. The instructor suggests specific ways students can improve.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.0 3 1.73 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (20%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (22%)
9. Comment on the instructor's professional attitude and behavior.
ur the best math teacher. tell kate to retire already.
He seems to love the thought of being on statewide tv, but this does not take away from his abilities of teaching, it seems to enhance them. He will continue to explain on subject matter until the answer has been fully and understandably filled.
I thought he was very professional during lecture. He would apologize whenever his phone would ring during class and on live television.
I think Mr. Beran can be much more professional. There have been numerous times when he forgot his calculator and had to use a students one. I can see if it only happened once, but it happened more than 5 times. He is suppose to be a role model and show us the right way, but he is not prepared when he comes to class. There has also been a couple of times when he showed up late to class which is unprofessional. Other than that, he knows what he is talking about and he is a good teacher.
Tom's behavior and attitude is excellent. His approach to teaching is awesome cause he makes learning seem easy and fun.
Tom was extremely patient, knowledgeable, funny, clear and an all around excellent teacher. I don't think I would have survived statistics without him!
Tom showed enthusiasm and demonstrated thorough knowledge of the subject!
Prof. Beran was a great teacher. He really does know his stuff. Just attend class and don't be afraid to ask questions when your confused becasue he's more than happy to slow down or repeat a certain area of a problem.
Somewhat reactionary to students who feel his tests and quizzes are confusing. They are.
Very professional, approachable and nice professor. Knowledgeable and wants students to succeed but doesn't coddle them.
Awesome & fun instructor!
He's a good teacher who knows what he is talking about. He is really personable and gets to know the students
Great professor. Honest, upbeat, and personable.
He's okay. A friendly instructor whom you can ask questions anytime.
I find him hard to follow and frankly confusing so I taught my self this semester.
Very upbeat and enthusiastic about the subject.
He smiled a lot
Very good teacher.
he appears to enjoy his job, but it seems that he isnt always prepared for class. an example of this is that he always forgets his calulator to (his math class) and borrows students, also he will have his T.A. post info for us but doesnt bother to review it himself because when we ask questions about it, he tells us we have to ask Keku his T.A. because he doesnt know anything about it. also, when ive had questions on why he is teaching a different way then both our book and homework on coursecompass, he responds : thats just the way i do it, with no other explanation. also, he makes us do all our homework on coursecompass (which presents the questions differently from the way he explans it) so we end up having to learn it on our own through coursecompass, but then tests us in his way knowing we just practiced and learned it using coursecompass methods.
10. What did you find most valuable and helpful about the instructor?
good attitude. willing to help at all times.
He encourages questions. He also used relatable examples to further understand the subject matter at hand.
I found it very helpful when he emphasizes such concept and would constantly repeat it over and over again so we are aware that is an important concept.
He showed us ways to use technology that can help save alot of time doing work.
The most valuable thing about Tom is that he takes time out to help us w/ problems that we have and will keep trying until we get it. He gives us lots of learning tools that we can use to help us ease our learning. He is very patient also.
Tom was willing to explain everything you ask of him and to shape the class around every students needs. His tried his best to be understanding of his students.
Tom is knowledgeable of the subject matter and provided students with lecture slides in Laulima. Tom notified the class at the start of the semester that he had a teaching assistant for the course and to utilize this resource for tutoring. His teaching assistant proved to be very helpful in understanding and reinforcing the material covered in lecture.
He slows down when told to and really does try his best to make statistics understanding.
He knows his stuff.
He always responds to questions right away and is very helpful.
useful resources. tries real hard to help students understand material which isn't easy!
He goes over the homework, quizzes and really preps the students for the final exam
Always finds a way to encourage class disscussion and participation.
His positive attitude. He always say that we will be fine with each tasks/ assignments.
His teaching assistant.
How he went over the quizzes and the homework. Also he broke things down so the students could understand.
Makes students feel comfortable enough to ask questions.
His TA Kekupaa
11. What did you find least valuable and helpful about the instructor?
The least valuable and helpful about Mr. Beran was that he didn't really use the book. He always had his own powerpoint slides that didn't even match to the powerpoints he had. SO it was really hard to follow him during lecture.
The one thing I did have a problem with was how he assumed we knew all these new statistic terms and I felt it was unfair to students who just got back into math.
Sometimes when viewing on cable the structure is really hard to follow. You can't hear the students ask questions and a lot of the time I had no idea what he was talking about. Also a lot of the times the videos are blurry so you can't even follow the problem he is working out on the screen. It would be more helpful if there were better notes and guides on Laulima for the students outer island who can't attend the class.
His immatureness and inability to sit still.
You cannot see MyPearson homework questions when watching via cable or online. Is there anyway to zoom in so that it won't be such a blur? Since students do not like to talk into their microphones can you repeat their questions so that students watching at home can also be able to follow the dialogue?
His inability to properly explain concepts
12. The lab sections were a valuable part of this course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.57 7 0.98 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (67%) 3 (43%) 4 (40%)
13. My grades accurately represent my performance in the course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.11 9 1.05 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 3 (75%) 4 (36%)
14. Other comments:
This class requries you to ask questions and be present in class. I suggest to other students who look to take Math 115 in the future to be present at all classes and not to be shy. Asking questions are the only way for you to completly understand the material. And only you can ask the question. A stupid question is a question not asked.
He needs to be more organized and quizzes should be straight to the point without unnecessary information.
Awesome teacher!!!
My StatLab was frustrating at times in that there were rounding errors in their homework problems thereby having to spend more time to complete the assignment especially when there were multiple questions. The textbook should be an option to purchase as the textbook was not used throughout the semester. That was an expense that could have been avoided. Instead students should be required to purchase the access to StatLab to save on this unnecessary expense! Question 12 does not apply.
The point of a class like this seems to be to learn the material. We have a LOT to learn. When it comes to testing, I and many others in the class, don't understand the need to for trick questions. Test us on what was taught, not things you assume we know. And please, quit trying to get people to get questions wrong by tricking them.
I just wanted to say that the textbook this semester differed greatly to the lectures in terms of vocabulary used and topics covered.
My favorite teacher so far at UHMC
Thank you Sir. Beran.. may you help more students in the near future.
When people watch the course on TV the boxes when people ask questions do NOT work so a lot of the time you do not know what the teacher is answering. It gets really confusing.
Unfortunately there is no correlation in format or wording between homework, quizzes and our final. Our review for our final did not at all prepare us for the theorhetical test that we were given. Upon the student's asking questions, answers such as "I'm sorry that doesn't compute, I'm moving on or I don't want to go in to that right now " were given.
Didn't know there was a lab section. Loved the online videos!