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Instructor: Michael Amrhein

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Michael Amrhein : PSY324, Fall 2013

Campus: University of Hawaii at Manoa Department: Psychology
Course: PSY 324 - Psychology of Emotion Crn (Section): 79518 (001)    
1. Class Level (pick one) - please note that by answering this question you could potentially jeopardize your anonymity
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior   Grad   Other  
3.75 51 0.48 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 14 (27%) 36 (71%) 1 (2%) 0 (0%)
2. Course - please note that by answering this question you could potentially jeopardize your anonymity
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Elective   Required  
1.52 51 0.5 Freq(%) 23 (45%) 25 (49%)
3. The instructor demonstrated knowledge of course content.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.75 51 0.44 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 13 (25%) 38 (75%)
4. The instructor fulfilled the goals of the course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.73 51 0.45 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 14 (27%) 37 (73%)
5. The instructor communicated effectively.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.86 51 0.35 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 7 (14%) 43 (84%)
6. The instructor was consistently well-prepared and organized for class.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.82 51 0.39 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 9 (18%) 42 (82%)
7. The instructor presented concepts clearly and effectively.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.78 51 0.42 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 11 (22%) 40 (78%)
8. The grading system was clearly explained.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.78 51 0.42 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 11 (22%) 40 (78%)
9. Assignments and assessments in this course were related to course objectives.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.71 51 0.54 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (4%) 11 (22%) 38 (75%)
10. Assignments were returned in a timely manner.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.59 51 0.7 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 6 (12%) 9 (18%) 36 (71%)
11. The instructor was accessible to students.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.8 51 0.45 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (2%) 8 (16%) 42 (82%)
12. What did you like best about the course?
Easy and Interesting
I like the attitude and energy of the teacher
I think his review questions were a great basis for the exam. I didn't feel blindsided by the exam. I appreciated that he made the class relevant to our lives. Always using examples that were related to our experiences.
Very interesting course and nice teacher. I feel like I've learned a lot from this course as well. I would take another classes anytime.
The way Mike presented the material in a clear way.
entertaining teacher and course
I liked Mike's enthusiastic attitude. His powerpoints were posted in a timely manner and he explained the content well. He also did a good job of keeping the class interesting and engaging.
I liked the fact that Mike really did his research and answered all our questions. He really tried to get us all involved and to make class really great. He also was willing to look up questions that he didn't know the answer to. I really had a great time Mike thank you!
Pretty much everything was very interesting. Especially the section concerning facial expressions and certain anxieties and emotions was very relevant.
The material was extremely interesting and applicable in my everyday life. I showed up to this 8:30 class everyday because I genuinely enjoyed it. And the professor was awesome. One of the best I've ever had. He was engaging and felt comfortable enough to speak freely in a lecture class. He made sure we understood the material. Would definitely take class from again. I have recommended him to friends.
The many examples given, whether it may be pictures, video clips, or just in writing, they were truly helpful when trying to understand concepts.
Everything! This class was absolutely wonderful!
He was a great lecturer considering it was his first time doing it.
He was always very prepared and added comical relief to his course. He also seemed very relatable as a professor. He motivated students to participate by putting himself out there.
I liked how easy his powerpoints were to follow and that they were available on laulima.
Mike was enthusiastic and always provided relevant examples for the course content; I really enjoyed all the video clips that he used in class.
The humor and real life examples
his lectures were interesting and so were the videos
The lectures were well organized and I learned a lot.
He is so outgoing and loves the topic. He makes the class so enjoyable and i would take him again if i could
everything was well organized and run smoothly. mike had a confident handle on the class, scheduling, and information shared. he was straight forward with the outline and goals of the course, material to be covered, his testing patterns, etc. he then stayed true to the plans and formats he explained.
I liked that he incorporated a lot of relative YouTube clips to demonstrate the concepts. I also really liked the opportunity to have extra credit questions/review questions that would be on the exams for the students who attended classes.
I like how he uses video clips in class to demonstrate what we are learning in class. He also makes sure that his students understand the material before moving on.
Review question and review session.
Professor Amrhein was the best about the course. He was an excellent professor and was able to clearly explain the information we needed to know and was very informative. He was able to give many examples and relate to students.
He was very enthusiast in 8:30 in the morning. I really appreciated his effort.
He rewarded us when we participated making this 830 am class enjoyable
This course was overall really interesting and I really was able to learn a lot. I liked how open Michael was and easy-going he was to talk to.
I really enjoyed this class. Professor Amrhein was a very good lecturer and made the class very interesting.
A lot of the videos that Mike showed really related to the material we were going over and it helped me understand and connect everything. He also asked questions a lot and engaged the students in discussion, which I think is very useful.
The subject matter was very interesting. Video clips kept things fresh and interesting.
The lecture kept the student's attention with not only clearly laid out PowerPoints but also background information and examples used through videos. It was hands-on but in a relaxed educational way. The interaction with the students made it an enjoyable learning environment (especially at an early a.m. course). I also enjoyed the textbook for the course. It was insightful and easy-to-read. The lectures and readings actually corresponded with each-other which doesn't always happen for me in classes. The exams were far and covered all the materials.
Best class I have ever taken!! This class is very entertaining and as a professor you are very engaging! The abundant amount of videos you have shown in class relates to the content and is very helpful. it shows how much you are about the class and your students!
The professor!
I enjoyed the encouragement to participate in class. He would ask for input from students multiple times in every lecture.
Micheal is a great teacher and very friendy and outgoing, even at 8:30 in the morning. I would highly recommend this course!
I liked the fact that the class was pretty accessible.
At the beginning of each lecture, Mike would discussion a couple questions about the previous lecture. I liked this because we got a brief review on what we covered the past lecture and also a good way to tie into the next lecture. Mike was very accommodating to his students, very understanding. He also encouraged students to participate in class by giving out candy when answering questions.
The instructor, since he made the content very accessible and simple to grasp.
I liked the enthusiasm that the instructor had for the subject. A passion for teaching the material is always a plus.
Michael as a professor is excellent. Making the course material relevant to college students through powerpoint, movie/tv/various media clips, and other real world connections the content throughout this class is relatable and easily understood.
The youtube videos on his power point, extra credits plus candies, and he is funny, laid back.
13. How can the instructor improve the teaching of this course?
Nothing. He did awesome!
I feel that he does a good job
I enjoyed everything about the class.
I honestly find nothing wrong with the way he taught this course.
don't read off slides too much
I would have liked to have more assignments or something else that our grade is based off besides just the tests. Maybe small group discussions in class for participation and a few small writing assignments?
I honestly felt that this was the best class I took this semester. He really covered topics that were interesting and did his best to make topics that were less interesting exciting to learn.
Honestly he is the best professor I've ever had. He had variety in his teaching styles. He was very interesting. Would have liked to see more hands on stuff. Maybe some online exercises or something. I hate to say have more homework but I would have liked to do something that required me to apply the knowledge we get.
He was fabulous, for never have taken a psych class before it was a total breeze and I learned a LOT.
NEVER EVER EVER bring politics and your political viewpoints into a classroom. It will make some classmates detest you.
I thought that for his first time teaching he did a wonderful job! I would encourage him to maybe assign a few assignment outside of class.
I think he can also have a few review questions at the end of his review sessions to give us an idea what we should expect to see on the test.
None - Mike did an effective job at engaging the class and keeping everyone actively participating.
the course is perfect
i'm very pleased with the way mike conducted this course.
No improvement needed. One of the best professors I've ever had in my 5 years at UH Manoa.
Love this class so .... I'm not sure
I would suggest not reading from the slides too much, and elaborate more on what is on each bullet.
Maybe he could try getting students to form groups during some lectures to get them to discuss and participate more in class.
For his first course being taught he did extremely well. Just keep up with the same structure, I found it highly effective and enjoyable.
He was awesome and very well engaging!
I don't think he needs to improve the teaching of this course.
Use more videos that exemplify the concepts.
I think he is doing his best so far, but other people may have interesting suggestions.
There is not a whole lot I would fix. I think Michael is well educated, well spoken, and enjoyable to learn from. I love posted powerpoints to laulima and I feel the content covered in class was both interesting and relatable! 2 thumbs up for Professor Amrhein AND this class!
14. Global appraisal: Overall how would you rate this COURSE?
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Very Poor   Poor   Average   Good   Very Good  
4.8 51 0.4 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 10 (20%) 40 (78%)
15. Global appraisal: Overall how would you rate this INSTRUCTOR?
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Very Poor   Poor   Average   Good   Very Good  
4.84 51 0.37 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 8 (16%) 42 (82%)
16. Other comments:
He did a great job, he made the class enjoyable and he was a pleasure to have in class. Funny guy and made it interesting.
Great course.
I liked the way Mike returned exams scores in a 24 hour time period.
great teacher overall
i loved this course. it inspired further study in deception.
Hope he teaches other classes, I will definitely be looking for them when I register!
I like how he listen, response, and accept to every students opinions
Thank you for tolerating us when we were way too tired. You're the best!
He's awesome!
I would definitely recommend this class to other students.
This was a very fun upbeat class, reminded me of my high school days. It's great to learn interesting subject matter and have an energetic atmosphere as well.
I'm only here on a semester exchange program and I found this course highly enjoyable. It was my favorite out of my course load.
I recommend this instructor to anyone majoring in PSY
I had a great semester learning from you Mike! I am sure you'll be a great lecturer! (the psych departments needs more of such)
totally recommended! take him! he gives the best candies!