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Instructor: Rhiannon Hinck

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Rhiannon Hinck : ANSC454, Spring 2013

Campus: University of Hawaii at Hilo Department: Agriculture
Course: ANSC 454 - Animal Diseases & Parasites II Crn (Section): 11664 (001)    
1. What did you find most valuable and helpful about the course?
The teacher provided the material to be read and covered in class the following day, to be included in discussion of any questions. She also provided a review for the class, which is really nice because she really didn't have to if she didn't feel like it. The teacher was really easy to talk to and super helpful.
I think learning about diseases and parasites before going to vet school is valuable. It gives us a head start and an idea of what types of things we might experience.
Learning diseases and how to treat them.
I found the lab periods helpful as we were able to use this time to further discuss topics and participate in activities (FEC, etc.) that helped to facilitate our learning.
I appreciate the way that she breaks down the information into groups. Such as clinical signs, diagnosis, etiology, treatment. Also the layouts were pretty consistant throughout each subject we covered. I aggreed with the participation point system, i didnt think that it was unfair. Also it is pretty standard for participation to be 10% of the total grade. However sometimes it was unclear where we stood as far as participation points. If there could be a gradebook program on laulima used to show us what participation we got that week it would be easier to understand and see where we stood in the class.
Learning about the different diseases in farm animals and doing the brochure.
I enjoyed the hands on practice we recieved by doing fecal egg counts.
Everything! Really liked the focus of the class and the depth we covered topics.
All of the diseases we went over were very valuable!
As all of these conditions are not familiar topics to us, I feel that the entire curriculum was interesting and valuable. It is applicable to our work in the field of veterinary medicine.
Discussing causes, pathogenesis, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatments, and prevention/control of different types of animal diseases. I also learned those diseases that are zoonotic, which helps me stay away from them or be careful when working with infected animals.
-I really loved learning about the different types of diseases. -I also loved learning new terminology like the term for pus is purulent. I thought that was neat.
Professor was very friendly and easy to approach. Helpful in class when students asked questions. All materials covered in class were very helpful, I learned a lot and it was overall a very fun class to take (except for the fact its on a saturday). the study guides for the exams were also very helpful.
These diseases and parasites are common & affect domestic animals. I liked that she focused more on large animals rather than the small companion animals.
I enjoyed the variety of diseases that we covered with the different animals.
2. What did you find least valuable and helpful about the course?
Saturday classes suck. Other than that, the class is awesome.
We didn't have many labs and the one lab we did have did not allow us to look at different parasites-just an egg of roundworms.
Participation points
I found all parts of the course valuable and helpful.
The syllabus was not as informative as it could have been. It helps me to see a general guide for the semester as far as what will be covered and a breakdown of the assignments. It is not a problem if it changes as the semeseter goes on but knowing basically what is coming up and rough due dates is appreciated.
There were no visual aids during the lecture. Power points would have been really helpful, displaying what the disease would look like. Since there wasn't much labs, seeing a picture would make me better understand the material. The lectures were kind of hard to follow. The
Lack of power points displaying visual images of diseases. Notes were not presented in order but skipped around and were hard to follow. Seemed like the teacher was unprepared for class. Didn't return exams in a timely manner. Didn't give us study guides far enough in advance. Participation was to heavily weighed. The class didn't seem like the teachers top priority. Immense amount of material was covered in the class but te exams didn't require a lot of material; example one word answers. If the questions required more I feel like I would have received more points and could share the knowledge I obtained.
I wish there were poweerpoints to help supplement my notes. Even if they arent posted till after the day of class, it would help me to feel a little more relaxed. I would be able to participate more in the conversation/discussion knowing that if i miss any notes i would be able to access them later.
Nothing all really good info
the professor just told us names and they didnt stick the reading wasn't helpful the proffesor always used the merk manual and not the assigned material and the class was on a saturday and no one wanted to be there so no one fully payed attention even the proffessor this class was painful
The parasite letter was kind of a waste of time. We basically all wrote the same thing and, yeah, it's great we helped figure out what to do on the farm, but let's be honest, the assignment was flop. Majority of us are not as familiar with the farm and you believe us to be and the necessary steps to clearing the parasite infection such as rotational grazing is beyond what Mr. Arnold has time or resources for. The pastures are not divided into enough paddocks for rotational grazing to work and as it is he wasn't happy moving the cows. So we can make all the suggestions we want but in the end it's just words on paper. To have this assignment tailored to the UHH farm is where it got pointless. What can be done there is so limited.
branding (field trip)
-I didn't like that the class was held on Saturday because it made everyone not wanna be in class. This made class feel rushed.
the exams themselves. It wasn't the fact the exam was hard, but it felt like we were getting graded more critically.
The fact its on Saturday :P Also its tough being in class from 9am-2pm.
The class was tailored more towards veterinary students as compared to animal science or agriculture majors.
3. How can the instructor improve the teaching of this course?
Maybe some slideshows would be helpful, but it's not really necessary. Rhiannon is a great lecturer, the best I've had so far in my 5 years of school.
Rhiannon should definitely make a detailed syllabus with criteria on what she wants for the brochures or any projects she gives us. She could also give us readings earlier in the week instead of Thursday or Friday afternoons.
Don't have participation points.
Rhiannon Hinck could improve the teaching of this course by creating rubrics and guidelines for course projects.
This was the second section of D&P so it might not be apilicable but having a lecture on common medical terminology would have been helpful. I was able to understand towards the middle to end most of the new terms but i think it would have been benifical to start with the terminology.
Having powerpoints to go along with the lecture. Being more organized in giving her lectuees since she's just talking and writing on the board. Having mote lab time to better understand the material. Give out study guides more than 2 or 3 days before the exam.
Make power points Narrow down what she wants to emphasize about particular diseases Return exams in a timely manner Participation should be worth less because it is a Saturday and people had lives and need to catchup on stuff they couldn't get to throughout the week Have more labs and plan them out carefully Less discussion time because the students were asking the same questions over and over again Give page numbers for reading in a timely manner
If the reading assignments and study guides could be given a week in advance it would be very much appreciated. That way I could study and do my readings throughout the week.
Mabye a little more hands on work or situation based work
change the day of instruction to a weekday and use the reading material not the merk manual make the tests less specific and less detailed
Maybe next time we can do a necropsy of a diseased animal? If an animal does come up dead tho.
ORGANIZATION. It drives us nuts how we never know what's coming in the upcoming weeks. And it's not like we get our assignments or our study guides the Monday prior. Wednesday/Thursday is too late. We cram a week's worth of information into one day, give us the whole dang week to get the readings done. FAIRNESS. There was blatant bias in the grading, especially the participation points. I've no doubts about this. And the participation points is such an obscure grading system...if it is a system at all. It's a Saturday, attendance and a couple of decent questions should be enough. Give rubrics for your assignments. We know you're looking for specific things, let us know what they are so we can better satisfy these mysterious requirements. A rubric won't stifle our creativity, but not giving one is lazy and for us, frustrating.
STOP GIVING PARTICIPATION POINTS as the way she does. She gives points to everyone who speaks up and answers her questions. It is very unfair when she asks easy question like what causes Erysipelas for instance, some people would shout from the back bacteria, some would answer specifically streptococcus bacteria, some would even specific streptococcus pyognes, some would answer pathogen, some would say microorganisms, which they are all correct but she only can pay attention to who ever first speaks up loud and captures her attention. So only one person would get the point while the others who speak up other answers don't have points for the participation points.
-I really didn't like the abbreviations on the boards during lectures. While writing down the notes I found that the notes were hard to follow. -I would love that the participation points during class would help our grade not hurt it. Maybe have attendance for class toward participation. -Have more lab days like the fecal egg count lab. It was fun and very interactive. -Have powerpoint presentations for lecture. It makes lecture easier to follow and its more organized. -Have review days for exams. Make study guides available the class before the exam. So we can review and ask questions during class. -Have the disease topics covered for the semester already set on the syllabus. Maybe also have a schedule on the syllabus with the date of each class, topics covered, and also indicate when we a class or not (like on holidays).
The class participation to be more like if they come to class and atleast speak once. It was more difficult to do better in class with this part in our grade even though we spoke.
Provide powerpoints of the lecture material so that there is a consistency of the flow & less jumping around.
- More structure with the content being taught in terms of what will be discussed in class in the syllabus -Keep lectures within time frame by either going over topics quicker or having less in depth
4. What did you find most valuable and helpful about the instructor?
She is super easy to talk to and is very helpful and lenient. A lot of fun and not dull.
It's very easy to ask Rhiannon questions. She answers questions pretty well and if we don't understand something, she is able to explain the concept in a different way. She is really enthusiastic and energetic and tells stories of her time in New Zealand which helps keep our attention. Rhiannon is also prompt with answering e-mails.
Very easy to talk to.
Rhiannon Hinck is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions. She is an expert in her field which greatly helped to facilitate my learning.
She has an easy going attitude, she is relatable to the students and very friendly. She dosent talk over the students with unnecessary medical terminology but at the same time, challenges us to catch on with the new terms we are using. Also she makes an effort to give us assignments to help us think in a practical way and outside of the box, rather than the same paper/powerpoint assignments that we have become used to.
She is very knowledgable in here field of study. I like the stories she tells in class about her experiences. She is easy to talk to and she doesn't mind asking a lot of questions.
She was nice and easy to talk to.
She responds to all questions in a helpful and timely manner. She makes the materials interesting and does not speak in a monotone boring voice. By encouraging participation she facilitates a good learning environment.
She knows her stuff, she has a great knowlege of the topics covered and was also a fun teacher to learn from
she gave participation points
She answers whatever questions we ask and is very helpful.
She knows her stuff, that's no doubt. She's probably a good veterinarian, very knowledgeable, but a vet and a professor are two entirely different occupations.
She answered our questions well
She is very friendly, very entertaining, cool when talking to her
-She has a really great personality and really funny makes class really fun and enjoyable. She is very chill and laid back, very open to helping her students. -She is really accessible, even though she lives outside of hilo she is available to answer any of our questions by email or text or phone call. -She encourages students to ask questions and be involved during class
Very friendly. She is very easy to approach and very helpful when asking questions. She knows her stuff and confidents in a professor will really help us know that we are learn the proper things. Overall a great professor! Just might have to change up the grading system, but totally understandable since your trying to find "your way" of teaching! :)
She wasnt annoyed by questions, in fact she encouraged it.
She was resourceful and helpful with questions being asked. She was able to reference personal experiences to help relate a real life situation and diseases encountered.
5. What did you find least valuable and helpful about the instructor?
Saturday class. Merp.
I think the fact that she didn't have guidelines for our brochures and research letters were unhelpful. It was really difficult to write the paper, and it's unfair that we would get points deducted if we put something she might not have wanted. With no concrete guidelines we would never know.
Very late in posting any information.
I feel that there was nothing unhelpful about Rhiannon Hinck.
At times it took longer than i would have hoped for to have the test reviews and or test grades posted. I know she does have another weekly job and that is understandable.
She wasn't that prepared for class. Lectures were kind of hard to follow. Exams were not handed back in a timely fassion.
Went off topic a lot.
The late notice in regards to posting assignments and study guides.
Please see answers to question #3. There is a lot of us who feel there's a strong sense of favoritism and bias. Being our professor has always taken an obvious back seat to her other job and that's not fair to the students. If you take on this responsibility, it is just that, your responsibility and you have an obligation to this university and it's students to fulfill that responsibility.
She swears a lot sometimes in class (in front of students) very unprofessional.
Sometimes posting of notices about what to read and things were very last minute. I wish that can be posted sooner.
I would appreciate if she posted study guides early and made a syllabus and rubrics for our projects. That way we would know what she expects of us.
There wasn't anything covered hands on in the lab portion and felt like it was just more lecture. The lab time wasn't utilized for any hands on activities but more of extended lectures.
6. Which aspects of the course did you like the best?
We went in depth with animal diseases and parasites and she didn't require you to know everything because she explained anything you didn't know.
I did like that Rhiannon did emphasize participation. It got me to think and be more involved which did help me learn because I would find myself asking questions more often. I also liked that she stood in front of the class and talked instead of making wordy powerpoints that she would read off of. One more thing I liked was that the course involved diseases of different aspects like metabolism, deficiency, etc.
Learning how to treat diseases.
I enjoyed all aspects of the course, as all topics pertained to my major.
I enjoyed the topics covered. I also enjoy the atmosphere in the class. It is laidback and disscussions/questions are encouraged by the students.
The lab doing the fecal egg count.
I liked the hands on and field experiences.
Great course
The material is good; the topics we discuss are interesting. The way it was taught and conducted was a mess, could use structure.
Parasites Diseases
-I really liked doing the fecal egg count lab. I thought that was really fun and interactive. -Having short classes...can enjoy my Saturday. -Having study guides for exams
I really enjoyed the nutrient deficiency part of this course. I found that really interesting for some can have the same affect on humans. Overall, I enjoyed every topic covered in class.
Focused on large animals mainly.
The diseases that we went over were with different animals and there were some that affected more than one. Understanding why and just learning about how the disease affects the animal was interesting.
7. Which aspects of the course did you like least?
Maybe more hands-on stuff would be nice.
Having class on Saturday and having participation points.
I enjoyed all aspects of this course.
That we have to meet on saturday.
The participation points were weighted too much in the corse. I understand the reason for it, but I don't feel the need for it to weight the amount that it did.
The lab where we went branding. Showed up 2 hours early for class. If people didn't get involved at the branding she didn't give them full points even though they came 2 hours early. It was intimidating and she did not plan it out. there was to many people there and she wasnt helping people get involved. Heard the two boy got full points however even though they didn't participate because she said they do it at home.
The exams were difficult, but that is due to my own habits.
Exams are really indepth and a bit oberwhelming mabye a weekly quiz or something might be less intimidating
the whole class the reading didnt help the
That it was on a saturday.
Participation points are a sham. I don't know how it's justified but students feel that you're just playing God with our grades--which don't adequately reflect our performance in your class. And the gradings of our exams, there's no consistency.
That it was on a Saturday
LETTER to anold
-Having the class on Saturday -Not having the participation points weigh so heavily on our grade. -Going to branding. It was nice to try something different, but I felt it was a waste of time. We didn't do much but stand around. And only a few people were able to help with branding.
The grading part for class participation.
The fact it was on a Saturday.
Not sure.
8. What changes would you make in the examinations?
Nothing. They're fine. Clear and concise.
The exams itself are fine, but Rhiannon can sometimes get too picky about details and exact definitions of terms we learn.
Ask more specific questions, questions are too broad.
I feel that all examinations were challenging, yet fair. I would not make any changes to the examinations.
bonus point opportunities. :)
Timely return More detailed questions Study guide given in a timely manner
I think that if the study guides could be more narrowed, the exam wouldnt need much change. To try and study and memorize everything for 10 diseases just for the exam is difficult and by the time the exam is over i'm spent.
More of them mabye every two weeks
make them less detailed add some multiple choice.
None. I like how the exams are.
CONSISTENCY. We can the same answer and our points will differ by a quantity of 2-3, how does that work out? I'm glad you follow your study guide, that's a big help and we appreciate that, but can we have it earlier...or on time?
should focus more on pathogenesis, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment of diseases
Maybe have more multiple choice questions and less short answer. And more true or false questions.
No changes, I would just like it to be graded a little more easier. Or write in the problem to tell us be more specific and detailed. We would write things from our notes but got some points taken off.
Have questions more or less specific. If the question is general, we shouldnt get docked points for giving specific examples.
Multiple choice? Earlier study guide.
9. My overall evaluation of this course is...
Pretty good, except for the whole saturday class thing. And maybe class participation shouldn't be graded so heavily. I'm kind of an introvert.
Overall this course is fine. Only a few small things could be improved.
Very good.
I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I feel that the professor, Rhiannon, taught this class to the best of her abilities. I feel that I learned many new topics which will assist me in my future academic endeavors.
I enjoy this course, i enjoy this teacher. She activly is trying to find the best way to give all of the students a good learning experiance. She is reasonable and flexible when dealing with students and she makes the subject fun.
Very informative.
I enjoyed the course overall. It was challenging and the content was valuable and interesting.
Excelent course!
i think this course sucks and deserves an F
It was a pretty good course.
This course is a good one material and curriculum wise, but the way it's taught, graded, and "organized" it can't be scored much more than an F or a D at most. It's frustrating more than anything for it's students to put up with all this. And it's on Saturday, c'mon who does that? Seriously.
It was good
This course is a very interesting course, we supposed to learn more about how to diagnose a disease based on its pathogenesis and clinical signs.
I really enjoyed this course. Event hough it was on a Saturday. This class could have a few improvements.
Good, fun course! Not easy, but definitely learned a lot and was really helpful for us animal science students! :)
I enjoyed it.
10. State in two or three sentences how this course could be improved.
Course on weekdays, but I know that's hard so it's ok.
I think there could be a better book to use for the course. Labs for this course could be very interesting, so making use of the time we have for labs would be great. Even if it's something simple as looking at bacteria and identifying them or learning how to do blood smears (since that is supposedly a hard skill to master).
Post information earlier and no participation points.
This course could be improved through the offering of rubrics. Rubrics for course projects and participation grading would be beneficial to the course.
Meeting Monday through Friday.
Incorporat power points into the lectures. Have a little more lab time to better understand some topics.
Power points Planned out labs Less participation points
The course could be improved by having the semesters reading materials planned from the start of the semester. Also by implementing more lab experiences.
Could have more exams over less, hard to remember all that info in such a fast pace. Would be nice to have it more than once a week, a highlevel class like that needs to be broken up. How many other highlevel intensive courses meet only once a week like this in the university...
this class should be taught on a weekday instead of a Saturday. assign reading material that will be used.
If we could have a fixed syllabus (like all the diseases we need to go over)
please see answers to questions 1-9.
It should be taught on weekdays and not weekends. If not weekdays then online. It just sucked that we had to give up our Saturdays for an indoor class, I'm sure Rhiannon didnt enjoy giving up her Saturdays as well
We should practice physical examinations on horses, cattle, etc. Instead of giving participation points during lecture, at the beginning of class, students should break up to groups, discuss the causes,pathogenesis, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, control/prevention of diseases on readings. After that the professor would give each group a description of history, and observation taken from farmers of a particular disease (from the assigned reading). Each group is responsible to use what they learned from their readings to determine the disease given. The Professor would have to rotate the description around all the groups until every group answers the right disease. After the group activity, then the Professor explains some more additional information about those diseases discussed in group and clarifies some diseases that are not really understood by the students.
-Have power points for lectures. Its easier to follow and organized. And also posting the lectures on laulima, will make lectures more accessible. -Have the study guide posted by the class before the exam
The grading policy for the class participations as well as the grading of exams can improve. Other than that great professor who really helps out the students and a fun course.
Provide more field trips or labs where it isnt lecture but actually a lab. Maybe have this class online & labs occassionally instead of class every Saturday.
More structure and organization.
11. Other comments:
I believe the participation points are good and that rhiannon did a good job in facilitating the learning of the students.
Great class great teacher nuff said
it needs to be taught on a different day
I know this evaluation sounds angry, but if nothing else, it's honest. Students don't feel comfortable approaching the professor with these concerns out of fear or retaliation in our grades. It was mentioned how a couple or few students went to go see the Dean and that as adults should have gone to the professor first, well I can't speak for them, but I can certainly understand how they may have not felt comfortable approaching the professor. Yeah, she's chill, but not the most responsible and after all that's happened no one can afford to lose points. I don't blame them. In any case Saturday was another failed idea on UH Hilo's part, yet another to add to their recently growing list, but Saturday class and especially one taught in this manner is teaching a course to say it's taught...but whats the point if everyone fails?
Our classes should be online or on weekdays
Thanks Rhiannon, Nice to have you as my Professor for Disease and Parasite 2, see you next time