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Instructor: Michelle Igarashi

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Michelle Igarashi : ENG200, Spring 2013

Campus: Leeward Community College Department: Writing
Course: ENG 200 - WI-Composition II Crn (Section): 56213 (0)     56541 (0)    
1. Global appraisal: Considering everything how would you rate this COURSE?
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Very Poor   Poor   Average   Good   Excellent  
5.0 5 0.0 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 3 (30%) 5 (100%)
2. Other comments:
I found Dr. I's presentation and materials very up to date and have really enjoyed her course! She is a great instructor and really cares that her students grasp the concepts being presented. I also am very appreciative of the extra time she has taken with me in assisting me to reach for and achieve my potential. If Dr. I has any other English or Writing courses in the future, I would happily sign up for them. I most highly recommend this course, English 200, to future students. Thank you Dr. Igarashi for your commitment and caring!
I loved every aspect of this course. The instructor was very helpful and instructive. Great class with a great instructor
Dr. Igarashi is a great instructor. She works with the students and extends assignment deadlines if students are having trouble. It felt like she truly cared and wanted to help us succeed!
Dr. I is an excellent professor, she is patient and knowledgeable and was available to answer my questions. The book Remix was great, but Comp Class is TERRIBLE, there were so many issues and problems with it, it was really frustrating.
The professor is extremely enthusiastic which makes is impossible to not do the assignments. Extremely helpful and willing to help student attain the highest grade possible. Also very considerate of student's writing and willing to push students to do their best. One of the best professors I have had so far! :)
This class was really interesting and a great experience. I've learned a lot.
I learned a lot throughout this course and would recommend it to anyone. You learn a lot of skills that are applicable to any career you choose to go into.
At first, I thought this class will be very hard but Dr. Igarashi made it easier. She is very helpful, and answer any questions you have. She is fair in grading, and tell you if you are doing something wrong on your paper. She also gives good comments and advices. Thanks to her, my writing skill is enhanced.
best online course I have taken. Really enjoyed the class discussions, and the way class was set up.
simple assignments, a writing intensive class so there was a good amount of papers and writing due. Some prompts were difficult, it would be nice if we could choose our own topic prompt.