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Instructor: Charie Lee Wicklund

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Charie Lee Wicklund: BUSA415, Fall 2013

Campus: University of Hawaii West Oahu Department: Professional Studies
Course: BUSA 415 - Auditing Crn (Section): 68369 (1)    
1. The instructor taught me methods of analysis for this field of study.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree   N/A  
4.25 24 0.53 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (4%) 16 (67%) 7 (29%) 0 (0%)
2. If this course was taken to fulfill course requirements for your concentration/major, how did this course enhance your personal and/or professional development in your concentration/major?
This course provided me with much needed guidelines for auditing.
This course provided me an overview of what auditing work was about.
It has given me an idea of what is expected in auditing fieldwork. It has made me consider going the auditing route.
this course made understand what an auditor does.
This course of auditing is in relation to business and how it enhaned my professional development is by concepts used in the work field in the near future.
It helped me learn the similarities and differences between auditing and accounting.
This course was taken to fulfill my course requirements for Accounting as one of my concentrated classes that I could choose from. This course enhanced my personal and professional development in my concentration for I am an Accounting major. Auditing is widely applied in Accounting for it is one of the most imperative steps into issuing an audit report on financial statements.
Its help to understand the background of the accounting and auditing. I think was little bit overwhelming because quiz and case study every week.Every other week need to turn in. I also work for full-time job.
It gave be the basic understanding of auditing.
n/a.I took this class as an elective
This course help me have a better understanding about auditing. This also enhanced my professional development since I am going towards the auditing career. This course also taught me the difference types of procedures that auditors must take and that auditing is all about judgement.
got a lot out of course
Learned a lot.
3. I would rate the overall effectiveness of the instructor: F=Inferior; D=Poor; C=Average; B=Good; A=Superior.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   F   D   C   B   A  
3.92 24 0.65 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 6 (25%) 14 (58%) 4 (17%)
4. How much time did you spend during a typical week working on assignments, readings, chats, emails, etc. for this course?
Mean N-Size Std Dev   0 to 2.9 hours   3 to 6.9 hours   7 to 10.9 hours   11 to 14.9 hours   15+ hours  
2.63 24 0.82 Freq(%) 1 (4%) 10 (42%) 11 (46%) 1 (4%) 1 (4%)
5. Please comment on the activities or resources that could be added to this course to improve your learning.
Less powerpoint. Not sure what you would replace it with but just going through the slides the book publisher puts out doesn't help much.
I would've more notes and explanations on the chapters we went over.
Not certain how to answer this question. She already provides us with wonderful power point presentations.
Personally, I think that the material itself is a little dry so if we could "jazz" it up a little to make it more exciting to learn would be great. I would also suggest to have the students involved during lectures such as asking questions along the way to encourage critical thinking about the subject. For formulas and the likes would be more effective and understandable if they were written on the white board and explained in details.
More exercises to prep us for the Pinnacle case studies. Some of the analysis required in the case studies were barely touched on in the homework/reading. The gap between concept and application is even more challenging with auditing because it is subjective and based on the auditor's expertise.
Limit exams to at least three chapters and not nine.
Group activities or games that would help students relate to the material for a better understanding. Short videos on auditing would be helpful as well.
seems like this class was a writing intensive class.
A few more handouts other than the PowerPoint slides may help.
Maybe ways to remember the different vocabulary. When reading the chapter the new vocabulary made it difficult to understand the concepts using them. Sometimes I would just be reading with the words but not understanding what was happening in the chapter.
I can't think of what needed to be added because she give out study guide before the exam. You can give out study guide before the quiz that way. We know what to study on.
Go over a audit of a company from start to finish as a class. Maybe do it in groups and then as a class.
6. I expect my grade for the course to be a/an:
Mean N-Size Std Dev   F   D   C   B   A  
4.0 24 0.72 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 6 (25%) 12 (50%) 6 (25%)
7. I learned a good deal of factual material in this course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.13 24 0.55 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (8%) 16 (67%) 5 (21%)
8. I gained a good understanding of concepts/principles in this field.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.88 24 0.61 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 6 (25%) 15 (63%) 3 (13%)
9. I participated actively in class discussion.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.67 24 0.82 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 2 (8%) 7 (29%) 12 (50%) 3 (13%)
10. What did you find most valuable and helpful about the course?
When we actually went through problems in class and you explained why the answers were what they were.
The times there was a lot notes that she made up herself rather than going by the text helped a lot. The concepts were a lot clearer and stuck in my head more.
The instructors time. She never hesitated to stay late after class to answer questions and she answered emails promptly.
Classroom assignment and when subjects are being explained on the board.
Your real life experience stories. It made what you were talking about credible and interesting. It captured my attention.
Instructors real world experiences
Having professor wicklund explain concepts on the board because the material became more understandable.
the homeworks and quizzes were great study guides for our exams.
The instructor was knowledgeable about the concepts of the course and how they apply to real life situations.
Having the study guides for the exams. Also going over the problems at the end of each chapter was helpful.
I would have to say that the most valuable and helpful about the course was that she provided PowerPoint slides for the class as a guide to study for upcoming quizzes and exams.
The most valuable was homework and going over with the class. Giving out study guide before the exam.
learned definitions and topics that will be useful in field.
The Case Studies. By working in groups, I was able to see different perspectives that my partner had in which help me be a much better critical thinker.
Professor gave us examples and stories from her personal experiences as an auditor.
11. What did you find least valuable and helpful about the course?
The powerpoints
the case studies
Reviews before the exam. The study sheet is self-explanatory. I think the responsibility of reviewing the material could be placed on the student rather than the teacher and class time.
Too much information to study for an exam or quiz.
Some of the homework i found least helpful because it didn't help during quizzes or exams.
The case study was least valuable for me. It didnt relate much towards homework or quizzes/exams.
The way the textbook explains some concepts.
I guess it was the textbook itself, sometimes it was too challenging to comprehend.
The least valuable was the writing part during the exam. I have to remember everything term and definition then write out on exam. When the quiz and exam come the next day. I memory is just not enough where I remember everything.
Professor was very patient and tried hard to help us understand course study. I think the book could be better.
12. The instructor makes good use of examples and illustrations.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.09 24 0.51 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (8%) 17 (71%) 4 (17%)
13. The instructor stresses important points in lectures/discussions.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.26 24 0.62 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (8%) 13 (54%) 8 (33%)
14. The instructor clearly stated at the beginning of the semester the objectives of the course and requirements.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.22 24 0.6 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (8%) 14 (58%) 7 (29%)
15. The instructor acknowledges all questions insofar as possible.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.36 24 0.58 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (4%) 12 (50%) 9 (38%)
16. The instructor is willing to meet and help students outside class.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.13 24 0.76 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (4%) 2 (8%) 13 (54%) 7 (29%)
17. The instructor was easy to talk with and available for consultation.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.48 24 0.59 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (4%) 10 (42%) 12 (50%)
18. The instructor presented the course materials in a clear and organized way.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.04 24 0.64 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 4 (17%) 14 (58%) 5 (21%)
19. The amount of material covered in the course is reasonable.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.88 24 0.8 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 2 (8%) 3 (13%) 15 (63%) 4 (17%)
20. How can the instructor improve the teaching of this course?
Try with less powerpoint
Maybe stress a little more what the important parts are for the quizzes? Otherwise, she is already is doing a superb job.
Get the students involved during lecture. Ask questions to get them thinking and more engaged during lecture
Shorten the allotted time for class exercises.
I think Charie could shorten the quizzes and exams. I think 10 questions per quiz would suffice.
Find ways to relate the material to students so that it'll be easy to understand and grasp. More visual lectures.
It's her first year of teaching and I would say she did a pretty good job teaching
You are teaching is fine, Just keep it up. Maybe take out the writing on back of the exam.
She is very good and knows her subject of teaching. She could break things down a little more and use real audit print outs as exaples.
I'm not sure how professor can improve the teaching of this course but quizzes and exams are tough though. Maybe you should provide more specific questions and answers for the quizzes and exams.
Maybe find a way to cut down a little on material
21. Please list your suggestions for improving the course and/or the instructor's teaching style and methods.
If at all possible this course should be a course that requires attendance twice/three times a week versus one day for three hours. I understand that the availability of the instructors may hinder this from happening. The teaching style and methods are not the problem, the issue is that this is an important course for many students and the amount of material covered could use a bit more time for explanation and extra days would allow quizzes to be broken down instead of multiple chapters covered during each quiz.
The lecture powerpoint slides were great but hope to have them explained more into details. Lectures seem a bit disorganized at times. We should work on some of the assignments together in class that are similar to homework or quiz. Group-work for in-class assignments are ok but should be more effective if work on them together with professor.
Breaking up the exams and not having it cumulative.
Use examples via materials
The powerpoints were fine, but maybe be more interactive with the students because the material is tiring to read.
Your teaching style is good. Its easier now then before.
have more visual of real audits and go over them.
Was a lot to encounter, but got a lot out of it. Not sure quite why, but it took me a little bit to get into gear and be able to follow coherently. Might have just been me.
-less chapters to be covered. -one chapter a week it is hard to concentrate and gain the concept of two different chapters. It would have been much more helpful to cover less of the book and to gain a better understanding of each chapter.
22. My overall evaluation of this instructor is....
Is a good teacher
This is her first time teaching a class and I believe she did a good job. She is very knowledgeable and is good at explaining the difficult concepts and helping us understand the material that is relevant in a real world working situation. It is very helpful when she offers her personal experiences, to put the concepts into context. She is very eager to help her students and is fair in her grading.
At first the class was extremely hard because the concepts were hard to understand, the text is so general and wordy, and Charie was just going by the powerpoint that was presented. As someone who has no idea about auditing, I found it very hard to understand. But as the semester went on and Charie saw that my classemates were having a hard time she took the initiative to create her own notes to teach us with and the class became easier to understand. Overall I think she did a pretty good job for this being her first class that she has ever taught. I always gave her the benefit of the doubt because she was learning to teach effectively just as we were learning about auditing. In the end I think she did a great job! I also appreciated the fact that she was always willing to help us and it seemed she was very understanding to my classmates and I when there were times where someone had to leave class or could not attend and always gave us a chance to catch up on things that were missed. Overall I liked Charie and would recommend her to other students.
Wonderful, Extremely intelligent and has a lot to offer.
A very friendly and helpful professor. Need work but totally understandable as it is your first semester. Just need to find a way to be more engaged and "jazz" it up a little.
I thought you did well this semester. There was a bit of give and take with the syllabus to fit our level of understanding, but overall good.
Charie is a very nice/generous person and teacher. I would recommend her class to anyone!!
good teacher!
might have been a lot of work someimes but she's a very nice teacher
Charie is a great instructor who teaches the concepts of auditing well and brings up examples when applicable.
she understood the material and tried to make sure students understand the material.
she is a great teacher. I commend her for her first semester teaching her at the University of Hawaii West Oahu. She overall did a good job in trying to set a good example and attempt to explain problems even further if we don't understand.
My overall evaluation is good. I like this class and her teaching style. If i have to take it again. I have learned lot from this class.
Very good.
She did well for her first semester teaching college students. Although the quizzes were hard I still enjoyed being in this class. I would recommend Professor Wicklund to my peers.
nice professor and try her best to explain auditing course for the class :)
Awesome teacher. She was able to respond to emails/questions quick.
Very nice teacher, who is fair. I think that she had a hard time grasping and understanding her students at first, but quickly started adjusting things for her students.
23. Assignments make students think.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.29 24 0.55 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (4%) 15 (63%) 8 (33%)
24. Class assignments provided an effective aid for learning the subject matter.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.25 24 0.74 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (4%) 1 (4%) 13 (54%) 9 (38%)
25. The instructional materials (e.g., texts, handouts, etc.) were relevant to course objectives.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.21 24 0.66 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 3 (13%) 13 (54%) 8 (33%)
26. The exams gave students an opportunity to demonstrate what they had learned.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.25 24 0.61 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (8%) 14 (58%) 8 (33%)
27. The exams concentrated on reasoning and applying concepts.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.21 24 0.59 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (8%) 15 (63%) 7 (29%)
28. My grades accurately represent my performance in the course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.08 24 0.58 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 3 (13%) 16 (67%) 5 (21%)
29. The instructor was fair in grading and criteria of grades.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.25 24 0.53 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (4%) 16 (67%) 7 (29%)
30. My overall evaluation of this course is...
Was an ok course.
The material is very difficult and the textbook did a good job of explaining the basic concepts but I will need practical experience to be able to truly understand auditing.
It's hard, but if you put your mind to it you can pass it with a good grade. Also with years of accounting classes where answers are specific it was hard to adjust to the concept of using your judgement in some assignments and wondering whether you were right or not.
Difficult, yet rewarding.
This course was helpful to me to get a general understanding of the subject. Although the study guide for the final exam is extremely helpful, 20 chapters is too much to study for a final as we have other classes and personal obligations at the same time. Personally, I did not think that the case studies are helpful in learning at all. They were very confusing, we were clueless of how to answer the questions at time.
Interesting course.
The amount of homework and quizzes were fair and reasonable. The rate of learning three chapters a week and having the final exam cumulative is ridiculous. Learning two chapters a week is way easier and selecting important chapters is better rather than rushing to learn everything in the book. Final exam should have been the remaining chapters that have not been tested on. In that case, students can focus more on new concepts and truly understand them rather than restudying concepts already learned. The case study was an excellent source to practice applications and concepts learn from each chapter.
pretty tough.
challenging but rewarding class from a better understanding
The course was helpful in introducing me to auditing.
it was difficult because of my other classes taking time away. Also the book was tiring to read because every time I started reading I wanted to fall asleep.
It was a bit challenging because some days case studies were due the same week with homework and even the final exam. Therefore, most days were overwhelming but I've seem to pull through.
My overall evaluation of this course is good.
This course is important to accounting. It is important to know this, I think that if there is a way to make it easier to understand. Maybe break into 2 semester.
great course
Lot of useful information to take in. I would suggest other peers/students to take this course.
At first, the course workload was overwhelming. Three or four chapters a week was ridiculous! I know that currently, it is two chapters a week, but this is still a lot of concept to learn and understand in a single week, especially with all the other courses.
31. Other comments:
A comprehensive final for the class is crazy. With the course broken up into two exams and then a final. It would be easier if the course was just broken up into three exams and they could all be weighed the same.
Happy holidays!
Merry Christmas & Have a Happy New Year!
I believe that the professor did a very good job for her first semester.