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Instructor: Jayson Chun

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Jayson Chun : HIST152, Spring 2010

Campus: University of Hawaii West Oahu Department: Humanities
Course: HIST 152 - World History Since 1500 Crn (Section): 65195 (0)    
1. The instructor taught me methods of analysis for this field of study.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree   N/A  
4.2 35 0.76 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (3%) 4 (11%) 17 (49%) 13 (37%) 0 (0%)
2. If this course was taken to fulfill course requirements for your concentration/major, how did this course enhance your personal and/or professional development in your concentration/major?
it gave me a reality check to how much reading is required
It has helped me realize different things in life. Learning history and learning what happened, we students are able to connect the dots and create better understandings of the world around us.
Yes, it helped me to be more organized and not procrastinate.
I learned a lot about different cultures and the different things people had to go through in the past
This course gave me the idea to try and think about all things from another side or beyond the norm in order to perceive the natural occurrence around us.
Majoring in liberals for now. Overall just it fulfilled my knowledge with more interesting, useful information that I can use in the future.
It helped me a lot because it taught me how to read efficiently. It also gave me social skills and helped me to learn about the past.
not only did he teach me to do well in class but to take the time to evalute my schedule and practice better study habits and to balance my working and time for fu. This helped me into developing into a better student
Took this class as a general education requirement.
This class got me more interested in history
Gave me a greater perspective of world history and how it applies to today's world and what is happening.
This course enhanced my development in a since of History base information that everything doesnâ??t seem as it is. I have been in the Military half my life surrounded by a different set of mind frame and a fence from society. Dr. Jay has opened my mind and has taught me that people has scarified a lot for us (especially me, I wouldnâ??t be here if it wasnâ??t for rebels likes Carlos and Chae). I feel that this class has allowed the expressing my mind in all shape, ways and forms. I feel better prepared "now", in the tackling of all my future classes in UHW, because of Dr. Jay.
I felt that I related to the material which was taught in this class, and I personally feel as if I have learned more because in this class than other because the environment of the class was very friendly.
I like the use of different literatures and being able to analyze them in a historical context.
Since I am thinking about taking up history, this has helped me with the basics of history. Taught very well.
Dr. Jayson Chun was very successful in enhancing my developmental reading. Prior to taking his class, I had hardly read anything. His class and his choices of chapter books have opened my eyes to see reading as more than a homework but a story that i needed to hear.
This course opened my eyes to the real world. I learned a lot about discrimination and racism.
3. I would rate the overall effectiveness of the instructor: F=Inferior; D=Poor; C=Average; B=Good; A=Superior.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   F   D   C   B   A  
4.15 34 0.82 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (3%) 6 (18%) 14 (41%) 13 (38%)
4. How much time did you spend during a typical week working on assignments, readings, chats, emails, etc. for this course?
Mean N-Size Std Dev   0 to 2.9 hours   3 to 6.9 hours   7 to 10.9 hours   11 to 14.9 hours   15+ hours  
1.97 35 0.71 Freq(%) 9 (26%) 18 (51%) 8 (23%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%)
5. Please comment on the activities or resources that could be added to this course to improve your learning.
more time discussing the books, and more group analysis, what we did at the end of the semester helped alot, but doing it more during the beginging as well would help alot. and spending more time on specific things instead of doing a lecture, goup discution, book talk all in one day
Assignments were a bit time consuming but I did not mind at all. You don't really have to study 6 hours a week anyway. These assignments were really insightful and they opened my eyes about how to view the world.
I actually liked the way he used multiple of books to read to help us understand the material taught during the lectures.
Although a balance between lectures and real world applications should be used, i'd suggest a slight step back toward more lectures.
More information about the types of things we need to study for the tests/quizzes
A Slower And more Detailed Lecture Style Would Be Helpful.
Maybe more group projects similar to the Motorcycle Diaries one. Also, less reading. If you give readings, make sure to give a reasonable amount of time to read the material.
There are times when the class sort of get distracted because of some topics that are being discussed and end up wasting a lot of time.
the books that read read are long and only have mnaybe one or 2 points, while a text book has many points and they are to the point. so i wou;ld have preferd the text book because i could have read it faster and learned more, but the books had good stories. so i am not really sure what could be added or taken out, everything has they +'s and -'s.
Going to the sugar Plantation in Waipahu really broadened and tied my knowledge to relate what we learned in class. Doing the motorcycle Dairies project, driving around and observing the different places in Hawai'i was a good teaching method because we got to see for ourselves how it is related to the book. Also, I made more friends.
We should have had more group projects. There should have been a textbook to supplement the lectures. If you just take notes from the lectures, you're not getting the entire picture of what's happening.
I think that the class was fun and that no resources really needed to be added.
I think more outside of the class room activities would be good for this class and more hands on lessons.
More historical excerpts from films would be beneficial.
The field trip to the Plantation in Waipahu was interesting because we got to actually see with our own eyes and get a better understanding of what we were learning in class. Im a hands on type of learner so seeing the plantation and taking the tour really helped a lot.
More group projects and fieldtrips.
Dr. Chun gave me many new tools that helped me become a better student with great reading and time management tips.
None, the activities that where done in class where outstanding, group discussion, in class lectures, group projects and person accounts made it possible for all my 5 team members to learn a lot and from each in in-class participation (discussions).
I believe that when being placed into a group we should be given appropriate timing to discuss and write our answers. Also if we could remain undisturbed by other groupâ??s topics such as: going on youtube or telling the class to listen to the lecture in the middle of a group assignment. The class along with the instructor should stay focus on the timing; it would be considerably less stressful. Also the reading assignments felt a bit rushed maybe if the students could have more time to read the books.
I liked the use of literary texts instead of textbooks. Group discussions are good but they should change everytime so that everyone gets more comfortable as a whole class. It was good to have comparisions with the past and present using the youtube videos.
-presenting in front of an audience -
Maybe more field trips as a class to different historical locations around the island.
More hands-on approach, maybe another field trip to expose more poverty ridden areas.
more group activities and field trips
6. I expect my grade for the course to be a/an:
Mean N-Size Std Dev   F   D   C   B   A  
3.94 35 0.84 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 2 (6%) 7 (20%) 17 (49%) 9 (26%)
7. I learned a good deal of factual material in this course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.14 35 0.81 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (3%) 6 (17%) 15 (43%) 13 (37%)
8. I gained a good understanding of concepts/principles in this field.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.03 35 0.89 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 2 (6%) 7 (20%) 14 (40%) 12 (34%)
9. I participated actively in the small group sessions.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.31 35 0.68 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 4 (11%) 16 (46%) 15 (43%)
10. I enjoyed this course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.0 35 1.03 Freq(%) 1 (3%) 2 (6%) 6 (17%) 13 (37%) 13 (37%)
11. I felt that this course challenged me intellectually.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.97 35 1.04 Freq(%) 1 (3%) 2 (6%) 7 (20%) 12 (34%) 13 (37%)
12. What things did you get from this course that will benefit you personally?
an ability to talk to ur professor. and a confidance to do things
All of us students have a great potential that we have to aim for. He see's success in all of us and puts in time and effort to help us rise to the top. I personally want to live up to that expectation and strive towards success.
I actually thought I wouldn't be able to finish a book in a weeks period but during his course I've learned how to by being able to manage my time. I also thought the books were going to be boring but for the most part they were good.
Applying classroom education with real world application.
Learning about the past and how good we have it today
The Most Important Things I Learned In The Course Were The "Real Life" Skills.
Thinking or perceiving things in many point of views.
DO YOUR WORK, second chances are rare and don't be lazy.
I learned a lot about how the real world works and how to make a connection in the things i learn in class to life.
More social skills. More reading and writing skills.
I will know how the world REALLY works outside of my sheltered existence, I also learned to think critically about any and all things
In this class i learned to make sure i schedule my time in order to get my assignments done. I Also learned that taking the time to actually read will help my test scores which pushed me to get all my readings done
From this course, I gained more responsibility, especially when studying for exams and quizzes. In other words, I developed more study skills that will benefit me in the future.
My analysis skills have definately improved a great amount.
An understanding of the styles of teaching I feel most beneficial for my learning style
I dont think this course will affect me personally.
I learned more about gangsters and rebels, which are interesting. And also about Carlos Bulosan.
I have learned to think in a more analytic way and I see the world differently because of the concepts covered in the class. It has made me become aware of how history plays a huge role in what is happening in today's society.
The things that I got out of this course that will benefit me personally are everything. Because, I have been in the military for most of my life I have allowed different types of ideas about different societies and cultures and how they are (kind of dislike and prejudice thinking) wrong. Dr. Jay made it possible with his instructions and his teachings of the different world social order has brought a feeling resentfulness of how I thought of them before because the lowered class people has too suffered as the early immigrants of this country (like my father and mother who cross the Rio Grande while pregnant with me).
I believe I have a stronger understanding of people and how history is incorporated into people and why they do things. We all have a history and it relies in which choices we make for either a history great or a feeble one.
Working in groups, applying different historical events with current day events.
I think that I will benefit most from learning about the world through the culturual context, and the "minority" perspectives.
how to think analytically.
The "real world" and how it works.
More aware of immigration social injustice and mistreatment from society.
it helped to get an idea of what i want to do career-wise & it opened my eyes to the "real world"
more knowledge about history in general.
13. The instructor makes good use of examples and illustrations.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.17 35 0.86 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 2 (6%) 4 (11%) 15 (43%) 14 (40%)
14. The instructor stresses important points in lectures/discussions.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.34 35 0.76 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 6 (17%) 11 (31%) 18 (51%)
15. The instructor clearly stated at the beginning of the semester the objectives of the course and requirements.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.26 34 0.71 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 5 (15%) 15 (44%) 14 (41%)
16. The instructor acknowledges all questions insofar as possible.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.09 34 0.93 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 2 (6%) 7 (21%) 11 (32%) 14 (41%)
17. The instructor was easy to talk with and available for consultation.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.44 34 0.79 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (3%) 3 (9%) 10 (29%) 20 (59%)
18. The instructor encouraged class discussion.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.62 34 0.6 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (6%) 9 (26%) 23 (68%)
19. The instructor presented the course materials in a clear and organized way.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.59 34 1.18 Freq(%) 3 (9%) 3 (9%) 6 (18%) 15 (44%) 7 (21%)
20. The amount of material covered in the course is reasonable.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.79 34 1.15 Freq(%) 2 (6%) 1 (3%) 11 (32%) 8 (24%) 12 (35%)
21. The instructor sets high standards for students.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.38 34 0.74 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 5 (15%) 11 (32%) 18 (53%)
22. Please list your suggestions for improving the course and/or the instructor's teaching style and methods.
there was to much jumping around during the lectures. although they were interesting, alot of the time he would go on tangents and try to relate it to class, most of the time for me personaly it just got me confused. the music videos were good, but alot of the time most of the things were way to open ended to understand what he wanted us to answer.
Sometimes lectures can be a bit messy, but that's because we are always pressed on time.
My only suggestion for the course would be to cover all lecture notes. At times we had to cut if short because of time and never went back to it.
I'd like to see more standard lectures, they are easier to follow and more systematic in a pass/fail situation.
When lecturing try to not go off topic so much
Excellent choice in text. Novels are definitely better than a heavy textbook. Movie choice was good too.
I guess overall, Jason Chung's teaching style is unique on his own accord. He tries to indulge with the student and have fun together in class. However, sometimes, the whole class ends up getting sidetracked and waste time.
SOMEtimes gets off topic, other than that, he's G.
Maybe be a little more organized when it comes to doing assignments.
I think you should have more in depth lectures. Your powerpoints are good and it highlights key points. I like you you used youtube videos. If you post something online like a take home quiz, you tend to post it last minute and it makes me stay up late doing it.
I believe that he has an incredible teaching technique that engages the students and challenges them to really observe the world from a different view point, but I do think his expectations were rather high...he stated that he realized how high school dumbed down students and their expectations but stating that fact doesn't justify sky rocketing the expectations through the roof, I think that if he believes that high school dumbed us down that he should at least give the freshman a chance to adapt to his methods without forcing them into a difficult grading system which they are not accustomed to.
I think he could take more time to lecture and elaborate more on the history aspect of the course rather then going over the books that we read this semester
The reading is a bit much for some of us. I think if you gave a little more time for the students to really take in the books and understand it better then people would do way better on quizes.
Get rid of the 'gangsta'!!!! A college level course should use proper grammar and having to write the initial paper with the term 'gangsta' made me cringe! More consistency between readings and lectures- the concepts were somewhat disconnected from the readings assigned and it felt almost like taking two courses rather than one. I found the small group discussions ineffective in elaborating on the concepts. Also, lecture handouts inhibited my learning somewhat since I learn better through writing during lectures. Also, consistency in assigning homework was a problem. Posting an assignment online the night before it's due does not allow sufficient time for students with full schedules to effectively understand and complete most assignments. I also found the course to be very Hawaii-centric and think it would benefit greatly from a wider view of what was happening throughout the world during certain periods rather than focusing on the islands.
I like the idea of no text books, but reading a book a a little over a week was challenging especially with all of our classes' readings
Less books to read and send the take home quizes a little earlier.
I suggest that the book material allows more time to go over and read, so the information and messages of the books are not a passing knowledge. I also stress that the class should not get distracted from the lecture, and if clarity is needed for the topic to give it a minute or two, but quickly refer back to the main topic, or group assignment.
The novels instead of textbook concept was interesting, but some things were cloudy on how they connected to World History since most of them were focused on a certain individual and country. Didn't seem like many major world events were discussed. Although points that were connected to World History were strong and could be connected to many events through history, ex.: discrimination in class and race.
Professor should remain organized throughout the course, the changing of the syllabus and lack of letting the class know what was due was very frustrating.
Nothing needs to be improved about Dr. Chuns teaching methods.
less readings and more class discussions.
remember to stay on task
posting quiz online before the book has to be read
23. My overall evaluation of this instructor is....
really good guy, maybe to all over the place, but thats what makes his class fun. i think he had great ideas but most of the time he was unable to clearly state what he wanted us to answer. he would go on tangents and expect us not to remember the funny things he talked ubout but rather the stuff he said for like 5 mins in the beginging of class, when he would spend 20 mins going off talking about things totaly irrelevent.
Very inspirational teacher who is easy to talk to. Very insightful guy who is very easy-going, but gets things done efficiently.
Overall I enjoyed his class. At first it was hard for me to catch up with the readings but soon caught up and started to understand his class and the way he teaches. And I started to figure out how the books being read were tying up with the course material/lectures. I really like his down to earth personality which allows us to communicate with him freely.
Good teacher. I would definitely take another class of his. A little hard on grading.
Need to better prepare students for tests
He's a good teacher.
good teacher but needs to be more on topic in class. shows lots of youtube videos that sometimes lead to over topic discussions.
Fun professor and who is also understanding. Easy to approach and challenges his students.
good professor
You are one of the best Prof's I had so far. Even though I'm a Freshman, I will always remember you because of your charisma and I know that I can always go to you because you are friendly.
DR. Jayson Chun is a very easy professor to talk to about anything. hes very understanding and knows how to teach and lecture in an interesting way.
I feel that you should get your dates corrected. On the syllabus your dates after the midterm were all wrong and it confused me a lot. I don't like reading and reading those books was like torture. I have 2 other classes with heavy reading and to read a whole story book in one week with my other two classes, not happening. I think you should have posted online study guides like you said you would to help us. Finally, I like you charism and energy you had toward teaching.
He engages the students and keeps the class interesting, making the class enjoyable, but the high stadards placed before me are intimidating, with that said, I would take his course again because I believe the anguish of failing/nearly failing (still unsure) is worth the experience provided by Professor Jayson Chun
Prof. Chun does not only teach but helps student to learn life long lessons. He really tried to get students to not only succeed in class but through life
He is a good professor and very entertaining. He shows a lot of interest in what he is teaching as well as showing passion for what he does.
Good teacher and fun guy. Needs to be a little more organized. Makes us think outside of the box.
Very intent on helping students understand what he feels they need to know for life after college and incorporating his own field of study into the course. Understanding of personal circumstances and has a good grasp of 'going with the flow' of the discussion.
He has a great personality which keeps students awake during class. His lectures arent boring
He is an interesting teacher. At first he seemed really cool, but then he turned out to be really tough in our work.
Dr. Chun is very passionate about the subject content and is inspiring. My overall evaluation is that he did a awesome job of really hitting on the key points and helped me to apply, evaluate and synthesize what I learned.
My overall evaluation of Dr. Chun is outstanding. If I continue to receive this top notch education that Iâ??d received from Dr. Jay, then I would definitely be set up for success. His interaction and caring attitude enabled a lot of us to learn the true meaning of knowledge and its importance. He is a true leader and mentor needed for todayâ??s impending generations.
Dr. Chun is a very patient and understanding professor, and cares very much about his students knowledge.
Fun, fair, friendly teacher. An easy teacher to talk to and get along with. If you don't understand something he will help you to understand.
He is very passionate and genuinely wants the students to learn, a little scatterbrained but a lot of us are.
He is a great professor and teaches very well. He is easy to talk to about class or anything else.
Great professor, very well-rounded and enjoyed class a lot.
hes a fun teacher who not only teaches in class work but things about the "real world" that no one else would probably teach you
very interesting and knowledgeable. makes class fun. I like his teaching method
24. Class assignments provided an effective aid for learning the subject matter.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.91 33 0.95 Freq(%) 1 (3%) 0 (0%) 10 (30%) 12 (36%) 10 (30%)
25. Reading assignments are interesting and stimulating.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
3.61 33 1.06 Freq(%) 1 (3%) 3 (9%) 12 (36%) 9 (27%) 8 (24%)
26. The instructional materials (e.g., texts, handouts, etc.) were relevant to course objectives.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.0 33 0.87 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 2 (6%) 6 (18%) 15 (45%) 10 (30%)
27. My overall evaluation of this course is...
great concept of gansta vs rebel. but alot more ideas needed to link back to that idea which they didnt.
A great course, especially for first year students. Dr. Jayson Chun helps everyone who is in need of help. He has ways to connect the material to everyday life. Everyone in their first year, should take this course.
Like I said before, all the books purchased for his class are being used. He makes you read to be able to answer questions for daily quizes which can hurt your grade if your not doing them. His lectures are fun and understandable. He uses life lessons and cultures as examples to teach his class.
Difficult. Not a fly-by class, a bit hard on grading.
It was okay
Fun, challenging and definitely a very good learning experience. Although, I would suggest students to not take this class if they aren't motivated enough to work a littler harder.
I liked this course a lot, it was one of my favorite classes to come to. The thing that I enjoyed the most was when he showed us youtube videos and exposed us to the different kinds of hip-hop and rap around the world.
It was fun. I think you need to learn how to control the class. I think you need to have your classwork prepared before hand...not just type it up when you get to class. I learned a few new things but not a lot.
I enjoyed it all, all except the difficult grading
The course was fun and it taught me a lot
I learned more study skills and habits. I also learned to be more responsible and aware of my assignments.
Interesting course about rebels and gansters. Needs to be more ready with the homework and quizes. Must always be on top of things in this class or you WILL fall behind.
Has a lot of potential but could use some tweaking to really get the full breadth of the material offered.
It was a pretty fun class
It's a good class.
A+ highly recommend to other students.
Outstanding, I have done more reading and work in this class combined then all my other three major classes. I have become a better reader and learner.
Great, it was not easy, but I will definitely recommend friends to take this class.
The course could just use some fine tuning for students to really get the grasp of hist 152. Needs to really pull everything together onto the macro level.
Interesting and fun.
Great job Dr. J
for a expected boring course, this is a fun class to take
very enjoyable. learned a lot
28. Other comments:
i dont think there was to much reading, but rather to fast of a pace for a 100 level class. the questions were hard because they were about specific things rather then ideas that were covered in the book which made the test realy hard to take. and 5 mis was way to short to answer the questions adequately. i realy like how you gave us take home qizzes. but maybe make them worksheets rather then test and then have quizes that relates to the handouts. it realy helped to have thing before hand. what might help would be to load the handouts a week before rather then a couple of days before its do, alot of the time i found my self getting irritated because i would read the material and have to go back because what the hand out is on was in the begingn. again i say i don't there there was to many books but there wasn't enough discussion about them and the pace was to fast to realy absob the concepts of the books
One of the most inspirational teachers out there. Great guy.
More preparation needed
Keep it up, God bless.
What I said in the above boxes. ^ Thanks Dr. J!
Thank you.
fun class