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eCAFE: Course and Faculty Evaluations

Instructor: Jeffrey Ady

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Jeffrey Ady: PUBA667, Summer I 2013

Campus: University of Hawaii at Manoa Department: Public Administration
Course: PUBA 667 - Special Topics Crn (Section): 91797 (602)    
1. Class Level (pick one) - please note that by answering this question you could potentially jeopardize your anonymity
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior   Grad   Other  
5.0 15 0.0 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 15 (100%) 0 (0%)
2. Course - please note that by answering this question you could potentially jeopardize your anonymity
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Elective   Required  
1.13 15 0.35 Freq(%) 13 (87%) 2 (13%)
3. The instructor demonstrated knowledge of course content.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.67 15 0.82 Freq(%) 0 (0%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 2 (13%) 12 (80%)
4. The instructor fulfilled the goals of the course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.33 15 1.11 Freq(%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 1 (7%) 4 (27%) 9 (60%)
5. The instructor communicated effectively.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.47 15 1.13 Freq(%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 1 (7%) 2 (13%) 11 (73%)
6. The instructor was consistently well-prepared and organized for class.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.47 15 1.06 Freq(%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 4 (27%) 10 (67%)
7. The instructor presented concepts clearly and effectively.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.4 15 1.12 Freq(%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 1 (7%) 3 (20%) 10 (67%)
8. Global appraisal: Overall how would you rate this COURSE?
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Very Poor   Poor   Average   Good   Very Good  
4.2 15 1.21 Freq(%) 1 (7%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 5 (33%) 8 (53%)
9. Global appraisal: Overall how would you rate this INSTRUCTOR?
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Very Poor   Poor   Average   Good   Very Good  
4.2 15 1.21 Freq(%) 1 (7%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 5 (33%) 8 (53%)
10. I learned a lot in this course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.0 15 1.13 Freq(%) 1 (7%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 8 (53%) 5 (33%)
11. I enjoyed this course.
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Strongly Disagree   Disagree   Neutral   Agree   Strongly Agree  
4.13 15 1.19 Freq(%) 1 (7%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 6 (40%) 7 (47%)
12. Which aspects of the course were most valuable?
certain journal assignments, small group discussion
Interacting with fellow classmates is always valuable to me.
looking at our lives specifically and how the topic applied.
Having the opportunity to understand the many perspectives on leadership and how they can be applied.
I liked the personality tests and the textbook. I also liked the small group discussions.
Reading material reflected what was taught in the course. The most valuable aspect was the textbook given to us which we can look back to in the future.
Discussion with others on the topics of leadership at hand.
The order in which the chapters and topics were presented to us. The group discussion was very valuable as well as discussion with peers over journal assignments and readings.
-The text was a great resource. -The class discussions definitely built upon the content of the text. -The discussion questions were a great way to focus on important concepts.
Learning the different leadership theories provided a good broad overview of different POVs about leadership.
I find the journal entry assignments helpful to provide our insights of the readings. I also found the work sheets that was passed out during lectures very valuable as well to go back to notes in previous class sessions.
I believe that the most valuable aspects were the interactions we had with each other in discussing journal entries and perspectives. It was interesting to hear other people's understanding of concepts and differences in opinion.
Being able to learn more about ourselves in relation to what is good leadership. Course that strongly focuses on self improvement and the ways one could go about to achieve that.
I felt that the discussion questions were a good preparation for the class. It helped that the notes were pre-printed and we just had to fill in the blanks. The discussions were pretty involved.
Various perspectives and the fact that it felt like a safe environment which promoted open communication
13. Which aspects of the course were least valuable?
fill-in-the-blank worksheets during lectures, certain journal assignments
The handouts, while useful, might work better without the fill in the blanks. I realize Ady probably uses that technique to keep our attention, but sometimes I find myself paying so much attention to what the missing words are that I miss some of the bigger discussion.
A bit heavy on theory without bringing it back to useful tools for us to use in the business world.
As graduate students we all read the text. I feel that the class time was not used appropriately because too much review of what has already been learned occurred during the powerpoint presentations. I feel that the professor injected too much of his personal opinion and biases into the course content.
None, I found it to be very informative.
I found everything valuable
In general, I think the course is "well constructed" and suitable for the seminar topic of leadership.
Considering that it was a short course with a lot of material crammed into 5-6 weeks I don't think anything was not valuable. All the assignments were meant to be reflective and helped us to verbalize our understanding of the material.
It is a shame that the class was so short. The length of the class made it harder at the end of the night to concentrate. I felt that ending class early was a double-edged sword since it was nice to end but there could have been more content covered.
The amount of time allotted for each session
14. What things did you get from this course that will benefit you personally?
increased awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses
This was somewhat of a refresher for me as I have taken a number of leadership classes and seminars, but I learned of several leadership concepts that I was not familiar with. This course also served to reinvigorate me and reminded me of the importance of good leadership.
Big picture ideas, and general study on the topic.
The many perspectives and approaches to leadership.
The leadership seminar offered great insight to leadership traits, skills, style and behavior that is best suitable for effective leadership. I will be able to use this in strengthening my personal leadership qualities to benefit myself in upper management positions.
Understanding how to apply leadership theory and techniques to my personal leadership styles.
Overall I better understood my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Personally it was very awakening.
-Learning about the different approaches to leadership, and the circumstances under which they can most successfully be deployed, will help me be a better leader and manager. -I will keep the text as a resource; it's a wonderful book. -In general, I feel I really have a much better idea of what it means to be a great leader, and I think I will carry this forth into my professional career.
Ideas about what leadership is and what people desire in leadership.
Different perspectives, concepts, and theories of leadership. I can apply what I have learned to my everyday life.
I think I got different perspectives on ideas for leadership from my peers that I can apply in real-life situations moving forward.
Learning more about myself though the lens of culture, personality, skills and traits.
I feel that I now have different perspectives of leadership in which I can craft my own perspective on. I also had to take an honest look at myself as a leader and where I can improve. Coming to grips with that hopefully will help later in life.
Different approaches to leadership, the text will be useful for years to come
15. What did you find most valuable and helpful about the course?
increased awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses
Self reflection opportunities.
Most of the lectures were valuable in learning a great deal in how to be an effective leader.
The journal entries were very good.
I found the course valuable because a leadership role is what I hope to one day possess. It helped me to understand my personal strengths and weaknesses. It opened my eyes to what research and theories are out there that pertain to leadership. It put a lot of my personal life and work experiences into perspective.
-The most valuable thing about this course was the class discussion on leadership. I think I learned a lot about the topic from these discussions.
Class discussions
Discussion has definitely been helpful to listen to different views on different topics.
This course afforded me the time to really reflect on myself as a leader and to really dive into the underlying concepts of what makes an effective leader.
the most valuable part of the lectures is when we interject practical issues to the theories presented. It really brings the theories closer to my own life.
The material and Dr. Adys knowledge on all topics
16. What did you find least valuable and helpful about the course?
lectures seemed too heavily focused on theory and not enough on practical application.
I feel that we were presented a lot of leadership concepts. But there was not enough application and situational instruction in terms of developing leadership skills.
At some points I felt a little overwhelmed mentally with all the different theories. I understand it is a summer course and everything is crunched into a month and a half.
-The lecture on true leadership versus pseudoleadership seemed to be a bit at odds with the rigorously researched and studied leadership approaches and theories which were covered in the text. It seemed a bit "popular" and I'm not quite sure, still, how the ideas presented jibe with the actual theories in the book. It was interesting to learn about, however.
Long and maybe not as concise lectures.
Same answer as above, I think all the topics we covered were valuable and useful.
The least valuable part of the class I felt was the small group discussions on the journal. I felt that the idea was good, however, I felt that we spent too much time on it. Often times we would finish early but end up talking about other things.
Fill-in-the-blank worksheets....
17. What did you find most valuable and helpful about the instructor?
professor was consistently prepared for class with detailed lecture materials.
Jeff was always well prepared for class. He communicates very clearly and directly, and is easy to understand. When you've had instructors who don't really know how to communicate material well, you really appreciate someone like Jeff who gets his points across easily.
He was always willing to listen to any comment or observation that was brought up during class.
Jeff was very understanding, empathetic and considerate of students.
Very flexible in the course study, not too rigid when things got off topic or into other aspects, he was good about bringing it all back.
He is a great communicator and genuinely cares about each students development
-He is a skilled communicator and a gifted facilitator of class discussions. -He has quite a bit of knowledge of the course material. -For the most part, he was good about posting assignments, notes, etc. in a timely manner on Laulima... but not always. -His fill-in-the-blank handouts were a great way to take notes but to not have to stress over whether I was capturing the important concepts.
Passion about the subject helps provide some interest and excitement about the subject.
He knows what he is talking about! Great at communicating and teaching the topic; very prepared and allows us to share our thoughts.
Professor Ady was a very animated teacher and it's clear that he truly cares about the development of his students. He did a great job facilitating discussions about topics and always made it feel like we were safe to share opinions in the classroom environment without being embarrassed.
He strongly encourage class discussion where we were able to participate in active learning and not just have to listen to him lecture the whole time.
His humor really injected life into the lectures.
His approach. Very easy to talk with, makes it a safe environment for sharing, fun, engaging, flexible
18. What did you find least valuable and helpful about the instructor?
professor did not provide feedback on journal assignments. felt strange to not have any personal communication with the instructor. even a few words in response would be nice.
He was always willing to listed to and entertain any questions or comments from anyone. Everyone who wished to participate was given the opportunity.
-There were one or two instances when the week's assignments were not posted before the weekend preceding the "school week" in which they were due. For example, I recall one week's assignment's that were emailed out/posted on Laulima on a Monday morning. For working professionals, this makes it REALLY hard to have the time to get the assignments done before class meets (as I have a weekly Tuesday evening commitment). -There were also a few times where I think the tempo of the lecture and discussions could be increased a bit.
The lectures were a little slow paced.
I don't really have an critiques to share here.
There were many redundant points. Jeff also takes long pauses during lecture. The students keep sitting there waiting for the next words.
Not always responsive on email
19. Please list your suggestions for improving the course and/or the instructor's teaching style and methods.
structure class time for less lecturing on the professor's part and more discussion from the students. don't ignore students who are raising their hands. have FAITH that students understand concepts that are being discussed. do not mistake boredom for stupidity. tailor journal entries more to students' personal experiences. have students think about their past/current experiences or what they'll do in the future. the final two journal assignments were way too general, challenging and not very helpful. discuss case studies in the textbook, which were very interesting! guest speakersâ??various leaders in the communityâ??would've been awesome!
Two things to improve the course: 1) Have graded feedback throughout the semester. It was very difficult to submit assignments prior to each class and not receive any graded feedback whatsoever. 2) Have the journal sharing portion of each class consist of different groups for each class. I have had a major challenge completing the individual "blessings" since I never really got to know a number of classmates throughout the semester. If we would have been forced to rotate group members for the journal sharing each class, this would have allowed each of us to get to know each other better.
The professor was not prepared for the course content and provided journal assignments too late. As graduate students most of us are working and it is unfair to provide assignments without enough time to complete them. On a few occasions class was dismissed past the end of class time.
Maybe some video, documentary or clips to step away from the traditional power points lectures.
At the end of the semester figure out a way to collectively put everything together in it's simplest form visually for everyone to give input and see. Include all the theories and leadership styles and organize it in a way that it makes sense. Perhaps for someone who didn't take the course it wont make sense, but for an individual who took the course it's very good material to reflect back and refer to.
-Please be sure to post all assignments and readings with at least one weekend's advanced notice so working students have the time to get the done. -I think the case studies in the book were very well written and could be put to good use in this course... either as journal entry assignments, or just to discuss in class. -I think multimedia could be used a bit more in this class. There's got to be a million leadership videos that are well done and could add some "spice" to the class.
I would suggest quickening the pace of lectures and to include more interactive class discussions as a whole class. Provide more room to discuss leadership and our desires or experiences with leadership in regards to the subjects being discussed.
I do think the psychodynamics chapter would be more interesting to be first before other theories and approaches or chapters were introduced. I also would suggest to keep the worksheets given during powerpoint presentations - it sort of died down towards the last couple of classes
I think maybe some leadership videos would have helped break up the lecture to keep us more engaged and it would have been beneficial to spend more time discussing concepts with each other rather than just focusing on the theories behind them. Real-world application from our own personal experiences is what I was most interested in hearing about so maybe a bit more time on that.
Decrease the small group time, have all copies/handouts ready to go before class, give more frequent but shorter breaks, keep the momentum going in class, give out assignments much earlier so that we have time to do them.
Maybe separate the journal entries, if we had more time between, may have been able to give each more thought and depth
20. What two or three single words best describe this instructor?
condescending: the professor used phrases like, "is this too difficult a concept for you to understand?" or "do you get what i'm saying?" in a condescending tone. often mistook class boredom for misunderstanding/stupidity. spent a good chunk of one class session lecturing the class on how grateful we should be to live in hawaii. narcissistic (?): not sure if this is the appropriate word, but the professor spent a lot of time describing his own experiences in leadership, rather than hearing out class viewpoints/opinions, which seemed ironic since he taught us that a true leader focuses on followers. felt like particularly with the last assignment, the professor wanted to hear what an amazing job this course did in changing our lives.
Excellent communicator.
genuine, considerate, altruistic
Condescending and close-minded
Understanding, empathetic, compassionate.
Fun, Smart, Informational
Communicator, passionate, reflective
-Intelligent, kind, funny (as in sense of humor :)
Passionate Honest
Effective, Inspirational, and leader.
Flexible, Animated, Thought-provoking
Intelligent, serious but humorous.
Sincere Knowledgeable Approachable
21. Global appraisal: Considering everything how would you rate this INSTRUCTOR?
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Very Poor   Poor   Average   Good   Excellent  
4.07 15 1.21 Freq(%) 1 (7%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 6 (40%) 6 (40%)
22. My overall evaluation of this instructor is....
good intentions as an instructor, but seemed to get overtaken by his own ego. appeared to be easily frustrated when the class lost interest.
A very enjoyable instructor who keeps the class interesting. I very much appreciate his excellent communication skills.
He knows the material very well and offers good insight to the details of each leadership perspective. I will look to take additional classes from Professor Ady in the future.
That he imposes his ideas on the students and that his ideas are the only correct way.
a positive evaluation. Jeff was effective in teaching the seminar and completing his goal in students understanding of leadership.
Great professor that really helps the students envision the subject and dive into the possibilities of leadership.
Great professor. Personally most valuable course I've taken thus far
I think I have answered this sufficiently in questions 17-20.
he is great at communicating with his students and is a great listener. Usually teachers seem close- minded, not wanting to hear what students have to say, and I have personally experienced a difficult teacher to communicate with via email. Jeff is very on top of things and very knowledgable. I am grateful that he is sharing with us his knowledge and what he knows from experiences of being a great leader.
He is a great facilitator and is very understanding when it comes to his students.
a pretty sharp professor. He makes dry jokes and knows his stuff. I like the jazz playing in the background during breaks. It just makes it more intellectual.
Great professor, highly recommended and hope to learn more from him one day
23. Which aspects of the course did you like the best?
liked the final assignment to write "letters of blessing" to classmates. felt like a good opportunity to put leadership skills into practice.
Learning about the many approaches to leadership.
Classroom discussion and interaction between students and professor is what I liked best.
group discussions
I think I have answered this sufficiently in questions 12, 14, and 15.
All discussions are very inspirational and educational. I also really liked applying different parts of the course to ourselves personally, such as the psychodynamics tests.
The topic of leadership is crucial to MBA students yet we spend very little time focused on the actual study and application of it. Being able to take this as an elective was useful.
The course material. It's interesting yet relevant. There are classes which are taken but forgotten. This is definitely not one of the classes. The workload was lighter than some classes but were enought to keep up busy.
The material
24. Which aspects of the course did you like least?
certain journal entries felt too focused on theory and not enough on practical or personal application. theory is interesting, but it wasn't too appealing for a student interested in discussing how to translate those theories to real world usage. the textbook featured fascinating case studies, but we didn't touch on any of them. didn't like that for the final assignment of "letters of blessing," we were required to: 1) submit our letters to the professor - this felt like a violation of privacy, i wanted what i said to my peers to be between me and them; 2) write a letter praising the professor - this felt like an exercise of coercive power, in which we were required to say good things about the individual responsible for determining our course grade
No graded or formal feedback
I do not feel that I have learned very much about myself as a leader. By reading the textbook, I did learn about leadership concepts and styles. But feel that as a seminar course, I feel that there was not enough leadership development for the students.
I understand the crunch time for the first summer session, but the work load was very intense with more than one assignment due every class session.
I think I have answered this sufficiently in questions 13 and 16.
The short time.
In class worksheets
25. Global appraisal: Considering everything how would you rate this COURSE?
Mean N-Size Std Dev   Very Poor   Poor   Average   Good   Excellent  
4.14 15 1.23 Freq(%) 1 (7%) 1 (7%) 0 (0%) 5 (33%) 7 (47%)
26. Other comments:
I would not recommend this class to other graduate students.
I think this class was great, quick in the summer but great.
Very valuable course that should be mandated
Overall, this is a solid course. Perhaps a quiz or two would help ensure the students actively retain and can understand the material. (Although, I'm sure future students would not want me to say this... :)
Thanks to Professor Jeffrey Ady for a great class this summer!
I learned a lot in this course and will take things that I have learned and apply them long after I graduate.
Thank you, Dr. Ady!!