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Instructor: Krista Steinfeld

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Krista Steinfeld : HWST285, Fall 2010

Campus: Windward Community College Department: Humanities
Course: HWST 285 - La'au Lapa'au: Hwn Med Herbs Crn (Section): 60380 (0)    
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Where are the survey questions Dec. 6 Mon. 11:38pm; No survey questions on my screen. Comment; One of the best classes I have taken. Kristi is a very good and knowledgable teacher. I highly recommend this course to my friends. Are there no more questions? No survey? Let me know please.
this is a very great class for anyone who wants to learn how to create medicine using plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. this course helps very much because many of the pharmaceutical medications have ingredients that damaging to our health. this course teaches ways of improving your health without damaging. the only one thing i have to say about the course that i didn't care too much of is the use of time. i dont mind the talk story part, but it takes up a lot of time when we could be really learning more than we did. i know everyone has a lot to say, but maybe start with the pule, then lesson, then talk story. much mahalo for this class and look forward in continuing the study of la'au lapa'au
Kumu Krista Steinfeld acheives the goal of bringing La'au lapa'au into the classroom in Hwst. 285. With her honest and forthright approach she is able to communicate well with her students. She goes above and beyond by counseling her students and their families in and out of the class time. She teaches her students how to use the many resouces around them to make powerful, potent and curative medicines for anything from cataracts to cancer! Her positive energy resonates through her students, their families and the rest of the community! Anyone not taking this class would be missing a great opportunity to be physically, spiritually and mentally in optimum health and wellness! This class and prayfully, any class taught by Kumu Kristina is highly recommended! I love Kumu Kristina!!!
i really enjoyed this class and Krista is a very well educated teacher she knows her stuff:), i would recommend everyone to take her.
Awesome teacher. Makes her subject matter interesting, both with in class, and outside of class activities. Very knowledgeable about subject matter.
I loved this course. every lesson every conversation Kumu Krista is truly an exceptional instructor. I would love to continue my studies in medicinal plants.
This is an awsome class to take to learn about Hawaiian culture, plants, medicine, the total- mind, body and spirit values that encompass Hawaiiana. This is a class that is for the betterment of individuals and truely tries to put into perspective in the minds of students that health is an important value for living a long healthy life. I feel everything I learned was useful knowledge and everything I learned in this class has VALUE and "mana" in my life.