CAFE - Course and Faculty Evaluation, University of Hawaii

eCAFE Application Changes

Below is information about new and/or modified features in eCAFE.

Fall 2015

eCAFE was modified to allow an instructor to name a TA for a section. On the Instructor Home Page there is now a link "TA(s) Assigned (click to change)". The instructor can use the link and add TA(s) for the class. The instructor on record still owns the result and the instructor is the person that can choose to share/publish the results. This modification was made to (1) make eCAFE more flexible (2) to allow the students to see the name of their actual instructor(s) when they fill out the evaluation. eCAFE was also modified to provide a list of all courses that do not have any eCAFE survey results. There are two categories: courses that had surveys enabled but no students submitted evaluations and courses with surveys that were not activated and therefore there were no surveys. The instructors can access the listings using a link provided on their home page. The purpose of this information is clear any confusion there might be over missing results.

Fall 2014

For the fall 2014 semester eCAFE was changed to conduct surveys by section instead of by course. This means that if an instructor teaches 10 section of the same course, he/she will have to set up 10 surveys. It may seem tedious but

#1 it allows the instructor/departments to decide which sections to have surveys for (it's no longer all or none)
#2 it allows the instructors to select different questions for different types of sections such as online vs. face-to-face

At this time the departments are not able to set up different question sets to be used on surveys with different types of sections but it is planned to be implemented in the future.

At first glance an instructor that teaches many sections may feel overwhelmed when seeing a long list of surveys on their home page. To help manage the task of 'many more' surveys eCAFE provides a couple of new features: 'Mass Copy' and 'Mass Publish' (buttons for the new sections are found on the instructor home page).

'Mass Copy' - to simplify the question selection process, the instructors can select a survey (current or past) and copy the questions from that survey to any or all of the current surveys. If you select to copy surveys from a survey with for example 10 questions and the survey you are copying to only allows you to select 5, only the first 5 questions will be copied over. You can still edit each individual survey they way you did prior to this release. The mass copy is simply to allow to speed up copying of the same questions to all or most of your surveys. The general idea is - set up one survey and then copy it to every other survey in the future that is applicable.

'Mass Publish' - to simplify handling of selecting which surveys to publish. The 'Mass Publish' section allows the instructors to select to publish and/or revoke prior selection by moving the surveys between the non-publish vs. publish list box.

Each and every survey - non-traditional or regular survey - must be turned on or enabled - individually.

Summer 2013

During the summer of 2013, eCAFE introduced a new concept in eCAFE, the non-traditional surveys. This type of survey is for all courses that don't follow the academic schedule and finish at the end of the semester. If a course does not end during the last weeks of the semester it will fall into the non-traditional category. The split between the traditional and the non-traditional courses are clearer during the fall and spring. During the summer when courses start and end at many different times MANY courses fall into the non-traditional category.

For non-traditional courses, eCAFE uses the 'organizational' questions used the prior fall or spring, which ever one is the closest prior fall or spring semester. It does not use the questions selected for the current semester. eCAFE does not enforce any 'regulatory' rules on the non-tradtional surveys. The instructor can turn the survey on and off as he/she pleases and add as many questions as he/she wants. eCAFE does not send any email regarding these courses. eCAFE implemented non-traditional surveys to make the application more flexible to the users needs. It simply provides the ability to conduct surveys for courses that previously could not be handled within eCAFE. The users can choose to make use of it.

The results for non-traditional courses are computed on the weekend after the surveys are closed. The results are released after the grades have been entered and 'rolled' in Banner. Please note that it can take up to 48hrs for eCAFE to get the latest grade updates from Banner.