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Educational Technology— Training For What?

Recently, an occupational counselor requested information from the Department for use in the development of a vocational rehabilitation program for a prospective student. Educational Technology curriculum would be a part of that vocational program. The information was necessary in order to secure an approval for a particular student whose cost of training was to be paid by a third party. Four specific questions were raised.

Unusual as the request was, it nonetheless provided the department chair with an opportunity to present the most up-to-date response in a way that would be useful to any applicant.

  1. What types of positions does the Master’s in Educational Technology prepare the graduate for?
    The positions for which the graduates of our program qualify are listed under different headings, such as educational specialists, instructional designers, educational software developers, training specialists, and of course, classroom teachers.
  1. Who are the primary employers hiring graduates of the Educational Technology department?
    The primary employers are educational institutions, both public and private, at all levels: K through 12, postsecondary (community colleges and universities); also government and private agencies.
  1. What types of employers are there in the private sector hiring graduates of the Educational Technology department?

    Software companies, publishing companies, companies and agencies with training and design departments

  2. What kind of projections does the Educational Technology department have for the hiring of its graduates, in general?

    Our projections are aligned with the general estimates of future needs in educational areas - teaching, training, developing materials (primarily software).

    Additionally, the Department has compiled almost verbatim responses by graduates of the program. These responses were the first received from an on-going survey.

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